5 Costs to Keep in Mind While Renovating Your Kitchen

Keep the following costs in mind as you do the financial planning of your kitchen renovation:

A kitchen renovation is a considerable investment to any homeowner, mostly because it adds real estate value to the property at large. Just like new construction projects, renovations will also require you to have proper planning in advance.

Most of the planning will involve considering the financial implications of the entire project. After buying the construction materials, you will still be required to cater for labour and installation expenses. Factors such as the size and condition of the kitchen will determine how much the revamping will cost you.

Keep the following costs in mind as you do the financial planning of your kitchen renovation:


Renovation is not as cheap as people might tend to think. If you run short of money, you could be tempted to use shortcuts in some places. Do not take any short cuts on your kitchen floors. Flooring materials might be expensive, but going for the wrong flooring will force you to plan for another renovation in a few years.

Sanding old wooden floors is a cost-effective way of renovating your kitchen floors. Many homeowners choose to sand their floors due to the benefits that come with it.

Some of the benefits include erasing signs of wear and tear, reduces pests infestation, increases the sturdiness of floors and makes them easy to clean. Make sure that you choose the right floor sanding service in Melbourne.

Hiring renovation professionals

You might not be able to renovate your entire house by yourself. Why push yourself with something you have limited knowledge about when there are professionals trained to do the job.

Contractors will not renovate your kitchen for free. For that reason, do not forget to add their labour cost in your financial planning budget.
When choosing a contractor to renovate your kitchen, make sure that you go for one with the necessary permits, licenses and insurance.

Permits and licenses are a guarantee that the expert has complied with all the rules and regulations required by the Australian state. Insurance covers will help the renovation company to compensate you in case of any damages.


If you reside in a region that is prone to bad weather, you might need to replace the roof of your kitchen during the renovation. Roofing expenses will vary depending on the material you intend to use.

However, other factors such as your location, the dimensions of the kitchen roof and the professional you hire will also determine the roofing costs. Do not rush in making purchases or hiring; take enough time to get various options. Go with what suits your budget.


Painting is another renovation expense that you do not want to forget when preparing your budget. Your painting expenses will vary depending on the painter you hire, the paint brand that you choose, and whether your surfaces will require extra coats such as primer and topcoat.

Do thorough research about various paints and the surfaces they suit. This way, you will settle for paint that will blend in well with the surfaces of your kitchen. Also, do some online research to get a reputable yet affordable painter within your location.


You might need to replace your appliances depending on the kind of facelift you want to give to your kitchen. However, this might not be necessary if you are planning to have a kitchen renovation on a tight budget.

The total cost of replacing your kitchen appliances will be determined by your preferred style and the functionality of the gadgets. In most kitchen renovations, appliances take at least a third of the total renovation costs.