4 Tips to Follow when Choosing Buyers Agent

Buyers’ agents for residential houses or investment properties are a group that’s always approached with caution. Whereas some of them are known conmen, others are still inexperienced in the business and therefore very prone to big mistakes. Clients, on the other hand, do not know how to play around with their hard-earned money. Every cent that’s invested is expected to yield returns to them. Therefore, clients must be advised against the risky group of Buyers Agents. The Wendy Russell Buyer’s Agency offers her insight into the subject by giving these tips on how to identify the right buyers’ agent.

1. Follow Your Guts

Most of the time, your intuition speaks the future and can foretell where you’re headed. Wendy advises that you follow your instincts when engaging an agent, as the chances are that your instincts are right about that situation. If you don’t feel comfortable striking a deal with the agent because you suspect something fishy, you better not pursue it. Sometimes, the agent offers deals that appear too good to be true. The chances are high that your suspicion bears the truth. The confidence you’re supposed to give to the agent should be borne of trust and no doubts at all.

Buyers Agent2

2. Establish Credibility of the Agent

You are mandated to establish the agent’s truth as they attempt to strike a deal with you. Before you agree, you should look into the credentials of the agent and isolate their bare facts. Does the agent have runs on the board? It would be best if you enquired about their current property holdings and their previous portfolio performances. The agents should be part of the deal they are trying to sell to you. You need to ask for proof about their current investment and how they are doing at the moment.

3. Results Achieved

The agent should have tangible proof of previously having worked with a client and show how the investment performed in the job market. They should be at their clients’ corners and cite examples of the previous engagements in the market. If they cannot back up the talk with tangible evidence, then be sure they are wasting your time and interested in conning you. The faster you realize this, the earlier you can get yourself out of the deal before incurring and payment obligations. Tangible evidence should be accompanying them as security against the claims of the buyers. This can be the only proof of their authenticity.

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4. Flexibility

How flexible are the agents to suit your specific needs as a client? The majority of buyers’ agents are barely flexible to suit the needs of the customers. They are focused on a fixed rule that they expect to serve every client in the same manner. This is not always the case. Most of the time, the client can note the buyers’ agent’s rigidity and disengage from the deal. Buyers’ agents are expected to be flexible enough to accommodate different calibers of clients. Their investment strategies are not compelling or safe for the clients.


Buyers’ agents are sometimes a dangerous lot of people who can easily con you of all your possessions, especially if you are new to the region. It takes a smart buyer to deduce the motives of the corrupt agent. Wendy has shared 4 essential tips in deciding who the buyer’s agent will be for your case. These can be used by anyone looking for an agent to help them locate a house in Brisbane.

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