What You Can Do to Make Your Dorm Room More Eco-Friendly

The world we live in is full of stresses and worries. Wrong day regime, traffic, workload, and bad ecology influence our health. Students are affected by these factors as well, but also they have to deal with a lot of psychological pressure at school. And after a long, exhausting day, the best thing to do is to come back home and relax. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to let our bodies fully rest. As a lot of ecologists admit, the air quality inside our homes may be worse than outside. There are a lot of reasons for that. But the most important one is low-quality materials in our rooms which are not Eco-friendly.

In this article, you will find some tips on how to make your dorm room more Eco-friendly. Even if you are not allowed to do any major renovations, you can still make some improvements.

1. Eco-friendly lighting

Good lighting is essential, especially in the working zone. If your work space is poorly lighted, your sense of sight will get worse. And you definitely don’t want this. So, make sure to provide your desk with a quality lamp or a spot lamp. Plus, you can decorate your space to create a unique, pleasant atmosphere.

Talking about Eco-friendly lighting, you can always buy special light bulbs. They use less electricity and have a smaller environmental impact.

2. Don’t buy leather and suede furniture

You can always avoid this point by using artificial leather or suede. They look just as good but help to save the planet. It is always better to go for wooden items. However, be sure to check what you’re purchasing. Eco-friendly wood will have FSC’s logo. Keep this in mind.

Of course, if we are talking about sofas or armchairs, wooden ones won’t do, but in case these are the pieces you are looking for, consider corduroy, linen or cotton.

3. Choose natural materials for linens and pajamas

What do you usually pay more attention to, when buying bedding’s? The color, the style or the price? All of the variants are incorrect if you want to create a green room.

Most of the beautifully made low-priced sheets contain toxic chemicals, even though you feel comfortable while sleeping. Making your life more Eco-friendly, you should choose natural materials for your bedding. Look for organic cotton or bamboo fiber.

Moreover, you can go ahead and buy not only green linens but also pillows made from ecological materials. Those will help your body to relax and make your brain work harder during the lessons in the morning.

4. Want to paint the walls? Purchase non-toxic paint

If your budget allows it, and you want to renew you dormitory space, paint the walls. Use neutral tints to have a fully-fledged rest and not to be distracted or irritated by bright colors after some time.

But choose only non-toxic products, as loads of different toxins are used in casual paints. They cause damage to the planet and your health. On the contrary, natural paints will make you feel even better.

5. Get some plants

No doubt that having real plants in your room make you more cheerful. Plants help to keep air fresh and generally increase the oxygen level in the room. Moreover, plants contribute to a cozy atmosphere and help you rest.
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6. Buy second-hand vintage furniture or redecorate your old one

One more thing that will help you to surround yourself with green stuff is to buy preloved vintage furniture. There are tons of great articles on the Internet to assist you to make the right choice. Or you can also make your old pieces look gorgeous and stylish again by simply redecorating them!

Plus, you can sell your own things, and make some money out of it. Or just give them away to the people in need.

So, as you can see, being an Eco-friendly and self-conscious person isn’t that hard. Just follow the tips from the article and make your university dorm room greener and cozier.