Tips On Finding Your Perfect Coffee Table

It is important to find something that complements your space but is suitable for what you are looking for.

With countless options to choose from, such as glass coffee tables that are modern and sleek to the contrast of traditional, wooden ones, there is a wide variety of coffee tables on offer.

Trying to find a coffee table may seem like an easy task, it is all about shopping around to find one that you like. Upon reflection, there are a lot more decisions when it comes to picking the right coffee table than originally thought.

It is important to find something that complements your space but is suitable for what you are looking for.

What do you need?

What do you need

Whether it is something formal or reliable, this will depend on how you use your living space to help you choose which style is best.

A formal coffee table will make use of more fragile and delicate materials for its surfaces, these would include glass and metal. Whereas a dependable coffee table should be able to handle the spilled drink and feet on the table that comes with a laid back setting.

Do You Want To Make It The Centrepiece?

It is often described as the centrepiece of the living room, but the same term can be used for the sofa, a rug or a fireplace. To establish whether you would like your coffee table to be the centre of your room or not, can differ on the style and attributes you will be looking for.

A centrepiece Noguchi coffee table will need to be eye-catching and grab the attention of the room through unique or interesting characteristics such as design, material, size, surface finish and colour.

What Material To Decide On?

When you start shopping for a coffee table, you will begin to realise how many choices of styles and materials you have to choose from. The most obvious material for a coffee table is wood, but this doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to this more traditional material.

Look at your room and the furniture used to determine what material would complement the space in the best way. Glass and clear acrylic coffee tables can make a small room look as if it has got more space. Glass, metal and stone help to accomplish a more modern living room.

What Shape And Size Will Be Best?

What Shape And Size Will Be Best

Paying attention to your seating layout along with the size of the room will help you to decide on the most suitable size and shape.

Rectangular and oval shapes are more suitable for a smaller space, whereas square and round shapes are more suited for a larger space, especially if the seating arrangement is larger.

Round, oval or shaped coffee tables with no sharp edges are best if you have young children is the house due to it being safer.

The height of your coffee table should be decided by the height of your sofa, a coffee table should either be the same height as the cushions or around 2 inches lower.

Do You Need A Functional Coffee Table?

This will depend on how you want to use your table, most coffee tables have a surface supported by a base however you can find stylish coffee tables with extra storage through the use of compartments and drawers under the table, this offers plenty of additional features for you to store magazines and remotes.

After deciding on all these points you will be ready to shop for your new coffee table.