The Quick Guide – Garden Stone and Gravel Types Explained

Here are different types of garden stones and gravels discussed:

The stones and pebbles which are used for the landscaping of the garden are garden stones. Gravel is in the form of the loose gather of small fragments. Gravel is formed as a result of the weathering and erosion of rocks. These garden stones and gravels are combined together to form the exterior and interior landscaping. They are one of the trending landscaping decors in the industry.

Exterior and interior landscaping have become very common and essential for commercial spaces. Even residential spaces also get enhanced and valued when it is upgraded to the exterior and interior landscaping. They make the landscaping very adorable. Hence, if you are planning on adding these garden stones and gravel to your place, then it is essential for you to know about types of these stones and gravels.

Here are different types of garden stones and gravels discussed:


Gravel itself is a type of garden stone. It is very rough stone. It comes in various sizes. They are obtained when a large rock is broken into smaller particles. They are suitable for pathways main or center path. They would look great when they are brought to form with fake bushes for landscaping.


Pebbles are the smallest of the garden stones. They are also the naturally formed stones. They are approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. For a relaxing and smooth walkways, pebbles are perfect. We find them in places like residential layouts where they give a natural look. They look pale if only pebbles are used. So, add some faux outdoor plants at their sides. They are easily installable. They look complete only with artificial outdoor plants on their sides.

Custom stones

These are the type of garden stones which are made according to the customer requirements. They are engraved according to the necessity of the landscaping design. They are also known as personalized stones. When these stones are ordered, there exists a design. Use artificial outdoor plants with UV protection. They are of high quality which helps in protecting artificial plants from harmful sun rays.

Natural rocks

Natural rocks are the rocks which are obtained from nature. The other natural rocks are boulders and glacial boulders. They are used for building lower walls, garden borders and landscape edging“.

Larger rocks are used as accents. Any garden looks enchanting with natural rocks. Use outdoor artificial foliage for the garden. It enhances the look of the garden.

Cobbles stones

Cobbles stones are manufactured stones. Hence, they are uniform in size and shape. The size of these stones ranges approximately from 2.5 to 10 inches. They create an interesting visual impact with faux outdoor plants. As cobbles are round surfaced, topiaries or faux tropical trees would suit well.

Paddle stones

As the name suggests, they are used for flat surfacing. If you want to create a footstone in middle of smaller stone fragments, then paddle stones are good. Artificial outdoor foliage between the paddle stones makes the pathway enchanting. The user gets a unique experience while they walk through this path which is a combination of paddle stones and artificial foliage.
Gravels are also available in various types. Here are the types of gravel:

Bank Gravel

It is natural gravel. It is obtained natures deposit of soil and clay that are observed inside and beside rivers and streams. This gravel is also called as a bank run or river run. The artificial outdoor plants look great with these gravels. The artificial outdoor foliage also gives a natural feel to the landscape.

Bench gravel

Bench gravel is found at the bed of the sides of the valley. Use artificial outdoor plants UV protected. They are suitable for gravels like bench gravel. If you like to cover larger space with less greenery, then use faux outdoor plants. Install them far from each other at regular intervals. It gives a farm look.

Creek rock

Creek rock is also called as river rock. This rock is usually round in shape. Creek rocks are semi-polished stones. They are rocks scooped from the stream beds. Install artificial outdoor foliage along with the creek rocks. If you are planning a landscape design near water place, then this combination suits well at shallow ends.

Crushed stone

They are fine particles with stones. The perfect blend of stones and fine particles are obtained from rock crushed. They undergo grading process after crushed. These stones are made up of granite, limestone, dolostone and other rocks. When these stones are used install the fake bushes for landscaping. They give the boundary for the stone spread giving a complete look to the place.

Lag and Fine gravel

Lag gravel is coarse gravel. They are obtained from the surface accumulation. They are produced by the removal of finer particles. Fine gravel is the fine particles that are as small as gravel with diameter 2 to 8 mm. Lag gravel and Fine gravel are a good combination for pathways and driveways. To make them more interesting place some fake outdoor plants on the side. To create a boundary to the path use fake bushes.

Pay gravel

This gravel is rich in gold and other precious metals. They are obtained from gold panning. Hence it also has a nickname, pay dirt. Use synthetic silk flowers along with them in landscape design. Artificial silk flowers are available in different colors. Using them make the place colorful. It gives a rich and luxurious appearance to the place.

Pea gravel

Pea gravel is small and round. This gravel is used for creating walkways and driveways. They are also used as the substrate in home aquariums. To make pathways and aquarium interesting install faux outdoor plants. They are cost-effective and requires almost no maintenance. Outdoor artificial foliage gives a natural look to the aquariums and pathways.


Above are the various types of garden stones, gravel, and their brief description. The above discussion helps in figuring out the suitable garden stones and gravel for your landscaping designs. Their combination of exterior and interior landscaping decors are also suggested.