Preserving Your Memories Using Personalized Blankets

What is a photo blanket?

Since the invention of cameras, we have seen a lot of mind-blowing pictures being taken and preserved to remind us of the past and the memories that come with them. Taking pictures is an art that has seen many people choose photography as their professional career.
Remember that time you scored that classic winning goal for your local club and won the competition? Or that time you topped your class and received a gift from the principal? What about that college trip you took down to Africa to witness the beauty of nature and the wildlife in the parks?

Well, I believe all these beautiful memories shouldn’t just be left to pass us by thus it would be great if we could capture them and keep them and one of the great ways in which you can do this is by making a photo blanket.

What is a photo blanket?

A photo blanket is simply a blanket with some photos printed on it. Many pictures can be used or you can use only one picture depending on what you would prefer.

Photo blankets are seen as one of the modern ways of preserving a photo or show off your artistic nature and abilities. A lot of companies sell blankets like that, but I’ve had good experience with VisionBedding. Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing your pictures on your bedcovers or blankets that would be awesome right?

Unlike other blankets, they have the images woven into the fabric thus eliminating any worries of which side should be facing out when using them.

The images on them are usually visible from any side depending on the material used. These images are mostly made by experienced designers thus they are always adjusted to fit properly.

Photo blankets made by experienced designers also have some attractive look. The designers will make sure that they work to the best of their abilities to come up with a fine artistic touch on the blanket. When everything is done the end product is always amazing.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of them all is the fact that images on a customized blanked can never fade away. You can wash the fabric over and over again but the images will still remain the same. As I said before images on a customized blanket are not just printed or silk screened.
You can use them for wall decoration or as normal blankets to cover up yourself with as they can still provide even much comfort and warmth compared to the ordinary blankets.


Well, as you have seen, there are many things that come with a customized blanket. Using them as a way of preserving memories has come a long way in helping us go back in time and reminisce about them.

They help in keeping the memories fresh in our minds each time we see the photos. Imagine having some sort of a family portrait on your bed and the family pet is also included, that’s cute right? Only a customized blanket can give you this satisfaction.

Unlike normal photographs, they can’t be destroyed when they come in any contact with water. Try and order one today as a gift to your loved one with a photo of them in it or get one for yourself and have more than just a blanket.