Pest Control Tips For Buying A New Home

It is always exciting purchasing a new home, however, there are a few things that must be done like taking care of cosmetic updates and paying attention to things that may not be visible at first site, like a termite infestation. That’s why it is essential to have a pest control inspection done before moving in. Termites can do substantial damage to a property and it’s always wise to have a licenced pest control company do an inspection before signing on the dotted line. With a standard home inspection everything, from the structure of the house to the roof are assessed to check for signs of a termite infestation. Once done, the pest control professional can issue you with a report and advise you on the next course of action.

Regular Signs Of A Termite Infestation:

  • Mud tubes on the outside of the house (termites use them to get to food sources).
  • Soft wood in areas of the home that has a hollow sound when tapped.
  • Blistering or darkening of wood constructions.
  • Small heaps of faeces with traces of sawdust close to a termite nest.
  • Cast-off wings near windowsills and doors, a sign of swarmers that gain access to the house.

In addition to be vigilant about signs of a termite infestation, prospective buyers must also check for areas in and around the home that may attract termites. If a termite infestation is located before buying the property a professional like Boss Pest Control Gold Coast can take of the issue before signing the contract.


People often like to stack piles of firewood against the house for easy access. This, however, is the perfect attraction for termites and getting a point of entry to the home. Instead, store wood on a raised platform and at about twenty feet away from the house.


It is often more comfortable leaving a tree stump in the yard after tree removal, but the rotting wood is the ideal food source for termites. Be sure to hire a professional to discard any excess wood from the property.


Mulch is used often against the home’s foundation; however, they are well liked by termites as a food and moisture source.


Termites love moisture and are clogged gutters result in pooling water that make the insulation susceptible to termites. Instead, use a down-spout extender for diverting rainwater away from your home’s foundation and opt for splash blocks to impede water from pooling and luring termites.


Tree branches that reaches to the home’s exterior offer a convenient pathway for the termites to gain access to the home. Make sure branches are trimmed back regularly. Due to the destructive nature of a termite infestation it is essential to be on the lookout for any signs and act immediately to get rid of the infestation. Before purchasing the home, request for a new home pest control assessment by a licenced pest control company to make sure there are no visible signs of a termite infestation and act before the situation escalates that may incur expensive repairs along the line.