Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips

The kitchen is like the powerhouse of a home: a place which harbors most of the home appliances that makes living easier by simplifying our day-to-day homework. Most people spend more on repair of these appliances, solely because they were rough handled and not properly maintained. How about I tell you that there are maintenance tips that you can apply to make your home appliances last longer? I’ll share some tips for with you.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Depending on the size and design of your kitchen you should have at least one of these. This appliance is one that should last up to 11 years at least. But because of improper management, most people now change fridges and freezers like clothes. One common part that you should be more sensitive to if you want it to last long is the Coils; this is like the engine that engineers its operation, if it goes faulty, then the fridge/freezer becomes useless. To keep the coils in a good working condition, dust it off in every 3 months by using a hard brush – preferably an unused toothbrush that will allow you get to the crevices.

Also, avoid stuffing the fridge beyond its capacity, that way it doesn’t overwork itself. In cases where foodstuffs gets rotten in the fridge, apply the simple trick of stuffing the fridge with newspapers and a tray full of charcoals and letting them sit for some time before removing them; they are meant to absorb the bad smell in little or no time.


This is one appliance that has made warming our food not look so much like a chore like it used to, so it is only reasonable that we make sure it is properly taken care of. Unlike the fridge, not much work is put into maintaining this appliance, all you need to do is to always clean thoroughly after use. One way to do so is by scrubbing every part of the microwave with a brush and a microwaved solution – that contains water, lemon and vinegar; which results to a sparkling clean microwave. Lastly, always make sure you switch off the appliance when it is not in use to avoid it from burning and developing fault.

Gas Stoves

This is one appliance that helps with the main cooking. The part of this appliance that easily gets faulty

Here is the burner, which often times is as a result of spillage of food in the process of cooking. Not cleaning out the debris after use could result to the clogging of the burner with debris which will, in the long run, affect the performance of the appliance. Also, routinely, fix a date when you clean all parts of this appliance thoroughly; a clean appliance is always the way to go.


This is one appliance that has a long lifespan if only it is properly managed. One common fault with this appliance is the drainage system; after a long period of time, the drainage system might get clogged up with an accumulation of debris. To curtail it, routinely check the pump area and spray arms and clear out the objects you find in there. Doing this routinely will ensure that the dishwasher performs at optimum. Lastly, switch it off when it is not being used.

Electric Stoves

For those that have this appliance, there is no better way to ensure the appliances reaches its expected life span other than making sure all parts of it is cleaned thoroughly at least twice a week – regardless of the type of electric stove you are using. Also, make sure you don’t leave your electric stove on when you are done using it, the consequence could be fatal.


This is one appliance that has made baking easier and faster. Unlike the others, it takes more to maintain an oven. In order to ensure that your oven meets it expected lifespan, follow the below tips judiciously:

  • Clean out debris after use.
  • Grease the motor every 6 months to ensure the motor works perfectly.
  • Routinely clean the Fans or blades of the oven to avoid accumulation of dust.
  • Ensure the oven operates at the right power. If it consistently operates on low power, it could take a toll on its efficiency.

There you go! Apply the aforementioned tips and watch your appliances last for as it is supposed to. In rare cases where you may need to repair or service your appliances, visit to get in touch with the right professionals for the job.