How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

How do you sell your house without a real estate agent? Check out the following ways:

In selling and purchasing properties in the market, you have to go through legal processes and certifications with licensed companies who are experts in a specific field of business. Thus, most people who want to sell their homes opt for real estate agents that can offer professional assistance regarding their property. Real estate is a complex concept that requires the knowledge and experience of the right people, but even then, working with real estate agents can have a few drawbacks. The price and commitment that you’ll have to pay to your hired agent can be costly, and there are chances that you’ll be charged unfair rates.

Fortunately, you can now sell your house without the need to hire real estate agents. Even though you may think that searching for buyers and the and negotiation process is tough, it’s better than spending a big amount. You can sell your house in many ways, such as finding buyers yourself, listing it on multiple listing services, or working with companies that specifically buy houses, such as

How do you sell your house without a real estate agent? Check out the following ways:

Make Your Home Market-Ready

Before letting the public access your property, prepare your house for potential buyers by cleaning and decluttering. Most interested house buyers visit a home immediately and evaluate their potential and value based on the features presented to them.

If your belongings remain inside the house, transfer everything to a storage room, as the buyers might think that these are included upon buying the property. However, if you want to include your furniture with the listing, then leave them inside the house and only take the items you’re not selling.

In the event that certain parts of your room have been designed and customized, eliminate any trace of personal photographs, frames, and wallpapers. Leaving designs based on your personal taste can look uninteresting to the buyer as they might have a different taste from yours. If you can, repaint the house in neutral colors as this helps the buyer see their own vision for the house.

Consider Selling to Homebuying Companies

Finding clients by yourself can be pretty challenging, especially if you don’t have an extensive network of people around your area. To help with this issue, consider selling your house to homebuying companies like These companies provide multiple advantages to a property seller compared to real estate agents, as the entire process is easy and fast.

In traditional methods of house selling, it usually takes months or even years before someone purchases the property. Real estate companies check every corner of the house if it meets their standards. With homebuying companies, they accept any reason for selling and purchasing the house within weeks. Moreover, they buy houses that have faults and are in need of repairs, but they deduct the maintenance costs from the original selling price.

Set a Competitive Price

To help you find more interested buyers, set a competitive and realistic price that people can reasonably negotiate with. You can search the web for pricing ideas and compare homes that look similar to yours around your vicinity. However, you have to be more careful and observant as some houses with the same type and structure don’t always have the same price due to several factors, such as required maintenance, exclusive features, and additional furniture or appliances involved.

Whichever method you wish to use, remember to get the best price for your home as this property is a memorable and significant investment for you.

Supplement a Flat-Fee Listing

It’s possible that someone is looking for a home around your area, and they can eventually purchase your property. Therefore, place your property in listings that can reach a wider pool of potential buyers. You can do this by posting your property over the internet where people can easily find it. Aside from also listing your property in printed media, supplement it by searching for “flat-fee” listings on multiple listing services (MLS), which enumerate all real estate properties for sale in your country.

In fact, this step is also utilized by real estate agents. They employ effective tactics to sell property listings in the buyer’s market. So if real estate agents can use this technique, so can you. Moreover, MLS in some places offer broader advantages as your real estate listing can reflect in different real estate websites.

Negotiate with the Buyer Personally

Negotiate with the Buyer Personally
In real estate negotiations, sellers and buyers engage in a push-pull communication where one party might propose an offer that will cause the other to draw back. To establish trust and rapport with your client, negotiate with them face-to-face. This can increase your chances of successfully selling your property.


Some people think that they’re unable to sell any property without real estate agents, but it’s time to break away from these misconceptions. As a homeowner, you can do just fine without paying additional costs to sell your property. Doing it yourself can save you a good amount of money, plus you’ll learn more about how negotiation and real estate transactions work.