How to Improve English Essay Writing

Writing using good English is an essential skill that all learners should have. It is not possible to avoid writing while in college. Instructors often require students to write an assignment in English. Those who fail to meet the standards of good English are given lower marks. Even after college, English writing skills are critical in succeeding in the corporate world. People who can write well are in a better position to communicate with clients, colleagues and their superiors. Writing essays in English is not easy especially for learners with English as their first language. However, there are ways of improving English essay writing. The following tips are critical English fluency improvers. With the use of word count tool, it will help you calculate the words and paragraphs you use. It also provides word and character counts with and without spaces.

Discover 10 new words daily

One of the most effective ways of learning any language is learning new words every day. Being fluent in any language requires a determination to discover something new daily. In English writing, the same rule applies. You have to decide to learn at least 10 words per day. I know this sounds too low especially if you want to learn English within the shortest time. However, you should start small and keep on growing. Starting at 10 words per day is achievable. As you continue learning more words, then you can think of increasing the number. The most important thing is maintaining the discipline.

Purchase custom essays

Purchase custom essays

Custom essays can be done by essay writing companies like Edu Jungles These essays have the following characteristics.

  • Written by experienced writers. The writers have the required academic qualifications usually not less than a master’s.
  • Well-formatted to the required formatting styles.
  • Well-researched. The authors take time to research widely so that they can produce a high-quality paper.
  • No plagiarism. The papers are written from scratch, hence they are unique.

Reading such essays will give you an idea about how to write in proper English. Good writers are also individuals who read well-written materials. As you read the essays, you will discover the way the authors approach issues. This will assist in developing your skills in writing.

Explore scientific shows

Watching shows has become popular especially due to the advancement of the Internet. People can watch movies via platforms like Netflix. Watching shows is largely used for pleasure. For example, it is common to watch popular shows over the weekend with family or friends.

While this is the case, you will be shocked to know that shows can be used in English improvement. Scientific shows, in particular, are critical in learning English. This is because they are well scripted and edited to ensure the proper use of grammar. It is advisable to turn on the captions (subtitles) so that you can get the words. Scientific shows are widely available hence you have a wide choice. Pick a show on a scientific topic of interest.

Write 5 essays per month

Being a good writer comes with a high level of discipline. The people you consider “experts” in writing English spend a lot of time writing. It is not enough to read what others have written. You need to take a step further and write essays. Your target should be five essays per month. Kindly note that perfect essays you can get only from professionals who can easily write my essay really quick. As a beginner, you need to be patient with yourself. The more essays you write, the more you discover new ways of doing it.

Talk to your instructor

One of the most effective ways on how to improve English grammar is by getting feedback from your professor. Instructors exist to assist learners to become better. Some learners believe that professors are unfriendly. Such learners shy away from consulting them on important issues. However, you should not fear to approach them and getting feedback about your written English. When you have a challenge, do not hesitate to talk to your professor. Getting feedback is also critical in improving written English. Work on the issues raised by the professor to make adjustments on how you approach the subject. The feedback will assist you in making the necessary adjustments to improve your grammar.

Order pre-written essays

Order pre-written essays

You can learn English at home by ordering pre-written essays. Pre-written essays serve as a guide for people who wish to learn English without the need for a tutor. Make an order from a reputable essay writing company to ensure that the paper is of high quality. You do not want to get a paper that is copy-pasted from the Internet or previous student assignments. With pre-written essays, you get exposed to different writing styles. As you read other peoples’ essays, you will get inspired to work towards becoming an expert writer.

Interact with people

Human beings do not live in isolation. We all need each other to become better people. Even in learning English, talking to people is critical. Even if you are an indoor person, meeting with people is necessary to achieve your goal. Identify social networking events where you can interact with people. As you meet new people, you will know how to better communicate in English. Further, you may need to get in touch with some of the people you have met. This means writing messages through email or social media. The constant communication will motivate you to learn more so that you can improve your written English.

Do not be discouraged

Writing is not easy. You can easily get discouraged especially when you do not feel like you are making any progress. This is not a good reason to give up. You need to remain positive and persistent so that you can achieve your objectives. Even the people you consider as good writers started somewhere. A majority of them faced the same challenges you are facing but did not give up. Even when it is challenging, please know that things will improve with time. Hold firmly to the belief that you will eventually be a good writer.

Work on pronunciation

Use the essays that are already written to improve your pronunciation skills. You cannot be a good English writer unless you can pronounce words correctly. Identify a list of some of the mispronounced words and work on them. Work on the particular words one-by-one until you get them right. Remember, excellent web tools exist that can help you to pronounce words better. Take advantage of these tools to learn how to pronounce new words. If you can pronounce words correctly, then it becomes easy to spell them correctly.

Conclusively, it is possible to improve your written English. Do not be discouraged that you are not getting everything right at the beginning. Writing in English is a skill that develops over time. The most important thing is being disciplined enough to work towards your goal. Writing is a journey and takes time. Further, reading widely will assist you in knowing how other people approach topics.

That is why you should constantly order pre-written essays from reputable companies. Take a step further and write essays. There are plenty of English topics for students available online you can begin with. Additionally, get someone, preferably your professor or a friend to give you feedback on your progress.