How to choose a Juicer?

In order not to get lost in the variety of the store’s assortment, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the types of quiet juicers and what each is best for. Depending on the design, the device can belong to one of three main groups: citrus, centrifugal or screw.



It is designed accordingly to squeeze juice from oranges, lemons and other soft citrus fruits. Do not try to get juice from harder and tougher fruits or vegetables, because the design of the device is not designed for this and may break. In this group, you can find the most budgetary options, because they combine low power and mechanical stress. Agree that squeezing a lemon does not require a powerful motor.
The principle of operation of such devices is most often the same: half of the citrus fruit is placed on the convex part of the device, pressing starts the motor and rotates the nozzle. Thus, the juice and pulp are separated and fall into the tank. More advanced models also have an additional filter that allows you to adjust what level of pulp in the juice you consider acceptable. By design, the citrus juice squeezer is quite and can be used anytime.



This group occupies the middle segment in terms of capabilities and price. Unlike citrus models, these devices are completely electric and therefore much more powerful and, accordingly, faster. In different sources, the term “rotary juicer” means precisely this group of devices, we will use the more correct option – a centrifugal juicer.
The juice is obtained due to the rotation of the grinding blades inside the device and the resulting centrifugal force, “squeezing out” the juice. Given the required power and speed of rotation, these juicers cannot be silent, but thanks to the speed, your juice will be ready very quickly. The ease of use of these models attracts the attention of fans of freshly squeezed juice. Some models even allow the placement of whole fruits and vegetables, while others involve preliminary grinding into small pieces. Cleaning after use will require a little more effort than citrus juicers due to a more complex design.



With its help, juice can be obtained not only from vegetables and fruits but even from berries, seeds or herbs. This is a cold-pressed juicer, which means that 100% of vitamins and nutrients will go from fruits and vegetables directly to your morning juice. An important feature is that when pressed, the juice does not heat up and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours after receipt.
The device works on the principle of a meat grinder, the screw presses the pulp of the fruit and the juice is obtained. The whole process takes place with a low noise level and is invisible to others. Many models are equipped with a self-cleaning function, and some also have additional functionality for making mashed potatoes or baby food.

Each model may have additional convenient features. For example, a citrus juicer may have a press handle holding and pressing the fruit. The centrifugal juicer may additionally have a pusher to advance the fruit to the core. If you want to know about omega juicer you can check here Juicermoz.