Grilling Indoors – When Doing It Outside Just Isn’t an Option

Even the smallest amount is known to kill you. Hence, the indoor grill to the rescue. We all saw The Office episode, where Michael Scott burned his foot on a Foreman grill. so by now, we are a little bit familiar with it.

We are all aware of the fact that you can’t use your outdoor grill inside your house, not even in your garage.

For those that dont know the reason behind this, it is because the gas grills and the charcoal produces large amounts of carbon monoxide.

Even the smallest amount is known to kill you. Hence, the indoor grill to the rescue. We all saw The Office episode, where Michael Scott burned his foot on a Foreman grill. so by now, we are a little bit familiar with it.

But jokes aside, according to Faveable, any sort of indoor grilling should be done on a grill or a grill pan that’s specifically designed for it. So, let’s find out more about indoor grills, their types, the grills used, and how you can use them to grill indoors.

The Myths Surrounding Indoor Grills

There are many myths about indoor grills and indoor grilling. Sit back and prepare to be shocked and amazed because we will be introducing some myth-busting facts to you.

It’s Not the Same as Grilling Outdoors

No indoor grill will get you close to the flavor of an outdoor grill. Unless, of course, it’s a well vented and gas powered indoor grill. It’s just not the same and you’ll be able to tell the difference right away.

Anyone would. This is a myth that needs to die out because it’s just not true at all.

For those poor souls who go in blind thinking that an indoor grill will give you the same flavor and satisfaction as the outdoor one, this one is for you.

The Food Is Not Safer Or Healthier

Get ready for another shocking episode of myth busting. If you think the food you grilled on; an indoor grill is actually healthier and safer than an outdoor grilling session, then you’re severely mistaken.

An outdoor grill produces substances that cause cancer if you’re not being careful. Similarly, the burning of any kind of fat can cause these substances to form.

It doesn’t matter if you are grilling inside or outside, the quality of the food doesn’t change nor does it stop cancer-causing substances from being formed.

Just be careful and we hope you can recover from this myth we just busted.

Types of Indoor Grills

When it comes to the types of indoor grills, there are two types – an open grill and a folding contact grill. An open grill feels and looks similar to an outdoor grill.

They are electric appliances that have a heating element and a cooking surface that bears resemblance to an actual grill. You can flip your food to make sure it’s cooked evenly and even the flavor comes close to the real thing.

However, the folding contact grill is basically used for making grilled cheese sandwiches (or accidentally burning your foot on it). You cannot use it as a full-sized gas grill, but these types are highly versatile as well.

The biggest advantage of this type of grill is that it cooks the food on both sides simultaneously and evenly. It doesn’t even require your attention that much and it is pretty easy to use as well.

The Right Kind of Grill Pans

Grill pans are reasonably priced and they are great for any sort of indoor grilling. However, there is a trick to it – you need to find one that has a lot of mass to it and one that has high ridges.

A lot of mass on a grill pan will help your food to char better. The lightweight grill pans have ridges that don’t really help to sear your food any better. They can become greasy too quickly as well.

That’s why you should go for the ones that are heavy, has wide and high ridges, and one that will last for years to come (if of course, you take care of it properly,).

How to Grill Indoors

How to Grill Indoors
Now, let us discuss the most important part – how to grill indoors.

Just like outdoor grilling, indoor grilling requires the same amount of attention from the person who is cooking.

Never leave the grilling unattended because you’re cooking indoors now.

All the smoke from the burning food won’t get carried away by the wind like it normally would when you’re grilling outdoors.

Grilling near an open window or kitchen vent can is a good idea as well.
You can cut or trim off the excess fat from the meat beforehand if you want to reduce the fat and the smoke that gets generated by your grill.

However, you must be careful. Fat dripping on an open grill can get to the heating elements. This can cause a fire to start, so keep an extinguisher nearby whenever you are grilling indoors.

Final Thoughts

Many people wonder what they can grill when grilling indoors. The answer is almost anything you would grill outside. Even though an indoor grill doesn’t have the ability to drain liquids as an outdoor grill could.

You can still grill marinated meat on it. Just drain them on a cooling rack first. You can even (baste) on an indoor grill and you can do it generously.

All you need to be is careful not to spill anything and you can cook almost anything on your indoor grill.

Just make sure it fits the grill and that’s about it! We hope our article sheds some light and answers your questions about indoor grilling. Just don’t go on burning any foot in any Foreman Grills!

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