Do Window Shutters Block Out Light?

If you are planning to install window shutters and you are also wondering about its ability to block out light, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it in a nutshell!

You probably know already how important interior shutters are. Heck, you might have even planned on installing them in the near future. In one way or another, they are considered to be among the best and versatile window coverings out there. Not only are they modern-looking and attractive, but they can easily fit the needs of your home’s style. They’re modern, attractive and created to fit the needs of customers, no matter the style of their homes.

However, a question that gets thrown from time to time is this: “Do window shutters block out the light?” It is a question a lot of prospective buyers of window shutters have. There is nothing wrong about it, especially since it is quite understandable as to why individuals think of such.

If you are planning to install window shutters and you are also wondering about its ability to block out light, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it in a nutshell!

Window Shutter’s Ability to Block out Light

Window Shutter’s Ability to Block out Light

Before you dig deeper, it is important to remember that here is a general rule of thumb when installing window shutters. Basically, they can really block a substantial amount of outside light from coming into your room or area.

Also, you have to keep in mind that it is block out all light is an impossible thing to do no matter how effective your shutter are. Well, this is possible but your room has to have no doors or windows.

It is a situation you obviously do not want to experience. As such, despite the slight gap present in having a window shutter setup, they are still capable of providing you a better means to block out light.

If you proceed to fully close them, window shutters are capable of blocking out a massive amount of light. This most especially the case if you choose to go with larger louvers. A shutter that comes with larger slats can easily be utilized to flood your room with light as soon as you open during the day.

At the same time, it is capable of preventing light from entering the area or room when closed.

Choose to Go With Shutters

Choose to Go With Shutters
Considering the fact that there are slats present in a shutter – particularly those that are with large louvers – you can expect to see some gaps. But it should not be a worry, though. However, if you choose to go with shutters with much thinner louvers, more space can exist. As such, they can provide the light the much-needed space to travel in and, thus, reduce the shutter’s blackout capability.

When you compare shutters with blinds or curtains, you can immediately see a huge difference. By essence, shutters are built directly into a frame, one that is specifically designed to fit and be sealed right into the window frame. With this type of set up, you will not be able to see edges, which can stay around the outside; hence, light can enter.

But with shutters, the only gaps that can enable light to entire the area or room area those found between each individual louver. As a result, they are easily a go-to option for people looking to limit the amount of light received by an area or room. What is best, this can be achieved without the need to invest in expensive alternatives whatsoever.

The Final Verdict

Many believe that interior shutters are not really good at blocking light. And while this has ultimately been the understanding amongst many homeowners, it is rather a fairly common misconception.

In reality, interior shutters have the ability – and is even efficient – in the block out light. Apart from the functionality that they provide to your home, they can also bring aesthetical value, allowing your property to look good and feel good.

If you compare interior shutters with a lot of curtains and/or Venetian blinds, you will see how better of an option the former is. You will even notice how effective they are in reducing the amount of light that can enter an area or space. Give interior shutters a try and do not just believe what others are saying. Given how effective they are in achieving your purpose, which is to reduce the amount of light, they are fairly a worthwhile investment.