Different Types of Cameras Used for Home Security Systems

The safety and security of our homes is an important aspect of life for everyone. In this age of technology, protecting your family and possessions is much easier and simpler. There are many different to ensure the safety of your home. Home security camera system, video surveillance, alarms, and locks are some of the measures you can take to protect your home. And among these, a home security system is the best way to keep eye on your home when you’re away. Whether it’s a single room or the entire house, you can set up cameras in any part of your home. There is a wide range of high-end cameras available that can meet all your security requirements. However, which type of camera to buy depends on the amount of security and surveillance you need. Here are some of the main types of cameras mostly used in home systems.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Most security cameras tend to offer a wider view compared to standard cameras. However, home security cameras are specially designed to offer full view of the indoors and outdoors. These cameras are built to offer high-resolution videos and images. They usually offer many features like full view, motion detection, weather proof design, night vision and even remote monitoring. Mostly dome cameras that offer full 360 degree view are the preferred choice for indoors while CCTV video surveillance, bullet cameras, or boxed cameras are preferred for outdoor installations.
Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Motion Detector Cameras

Motion detector cameras, as the name suggests, can detect motion and follow it. But that’s not all; these cameras can be programmed to start recording only when they detect motion. Instead of recording useless inactivity and wasting memory and internet bandwidth, motion detector cameras start recording only when an activity occurs. This helps prevent wastage of resources and makes recordings meaningful and concise. These cameras are suitable for use in any place and are as simple to install as regular cameras. In fact, most cameras these days come with motion detection features for your convenience.

Hidden Cameras

Often the main reason to install security cameras is to keep burglars and thieves away. For this purpose, cameras are installed where they are visible and give the best view of the house. However, when you want to monitor an area without wanting people to know that they are being monitored, hidden cameras are your best option. These cameras are hidden in plain sight like the light bulb cameras or the ones hidden in an alarm clock. Many of these hidden cameras are available in different innovative designs and come with most features normally available in security cameras.

Day/Night Cameras

Advanced technology has made it possible for us to have high-resolution, infrared and night vision cameras even in our homes. Day/night cameras come with built-in night vision features that can take clearer videos and pictures even in darkness. They are programmed to automatically adjust the light settings once the light decreases. These cameras are mostly used outdoors as they can function well under direct sunlight as well as darkness. They typically have a wider range and weather resistant features considering their use. Day/night cameras are the best and most popular option for 24×7 monitoring or surveillance.
Day Night Cameras

Wireless Cameras

Almost all types of cameras are now available in wireless to avoid the hassle of tangled wires and facilitate cleaner interiors. As the name suggests, these cameras don’t need any wiring. Hence, they can be placed anywhere and are quite easy to install and use. Using wireless cameras gives you a wide range of options for positioning the camera. You can place it practically anywhere and even carry them with you. This flexibility and portability is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Moreover, the lack of wires also maintains the aesthetics of the room where it is placed.

If you are in the market for security measures for your home or office, these security cameras are an excellent choice. There are many different types of home security systems available in the market today. If you want to monitor your children while they play, there’s no need for a high-tech camera with video recording. But, if you want to monitor your office storage or warehouse, you may need an advanced and possibly hidden camera. However, choosing the right camera is a matter of knowing how you want to use it.