Difference Between Halogen Oven And Air Fryer

Cooking in home has become common nowadays as people like to eat healthy and home made food. The disease spreading issue of food from outside has also changed the mind of people due to this the cooking appliances importance have also increased. More and more appliances are made nowadays. Many appliances are are made while keeping in view healthy food requirements and energy efficiency.

Most famous appliances nowadays include halogen oven and air fryer. It’s difficult to decide which is better and should be bought. While buying one thing should be kept in mind that is what are the benefits and functions or both appliances and how they work.Now we will highlight difference between halogen oven and air fryer.

Air fryer

Its very popular and common nowadays because many celebrities endorse it. This application has many benefits highlighting a few below.

Benefits :

Fat and oil :

While in other appliances when you use them they produce greasy food and require a lot of oil. This makes food unhealthy and excess of fat make us fat and also the oil gets stuck in the arteries and result in blocking of them. The air fryer requires less or no oil and produce healthy and low fat food that is healthy and clean to eat.

Cleaning :

Cleaning a fryer pan that has food leftovers and much oil on it is the most difficult job to do. If you have ever used that you would agree with me. The greaseand the oil takes a lot of time to get removed. As air fryer use less oil its gets cleaned in no time and make the fryer non sticky and clean to core.

No smell :

The air fryer produce no odour and helps in making atmosphere clean and smell free. While others appliances destroy carpets and furniture etc while being used.

All angle equal cooking:

In other appliances one side or angle of the food can get well fried while other remaining less fried. While using air fryer the food will get fried from all angles. The differences can also be seen on the website http://BestReviews.co.uk.

Halogen oven

It uses halogen bulb and is present in market longer then air fryer. The technology being used in halogen oven is not that much advanced but it has a lot other benefits.

Energy :

It has more energy than normal flyers and it helps to cook food in no time.

Easy cleaning :

It can also be cleaned easily as it also requires no or less oil in cooking.

Less oil :

It requires less oil and also cook non fatty food. The food will be healthy and clean to eat same as air fryer.

Time saving :

As it’s high energy appliance so it will save time on cooking and will cook food in no time.

There are many benefits of both appliances it’s difficult to decide which to use but one thing is for sure that both are time saving and easy to clean.