Carpet Cleaning Tips That Can Help Bring Your Carpet Back To Life

Any home will look and feel better with a carpet. Regardless if you want to follow a modern, minimalist or rustic theme, there will always be a carpet that fits the bill. But to ensure that your home looks good all year long, you also have to exert time and effort to clean your carpet. Don’t expect that your carpet will look the same after years of using it.

Businesses like Monster Steamer Carpet Cleaning San Diego can clean your carpets on your behalf. However, as a homeowner, it’s always better if you know how to clean your carpet by yourself. Tapping the help of professionals should be your next plan once your own strategies don’t work. Here are some carpet cleaning tips you can do on your own to bring your carpet back to life:

1. Vacuum your carpet regularly.

Even if you’re eyeing to hire services from carpet cleaning San Diego, the first thing they’ll do is to vacuum your carpet. As a homeowner, this is a task that you should do regularly. Depending on your schedule and lifestyle, you can vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week. If you own a plush carpet, you might need to vacuum more often.

2. Deal with stains as soon as possible.

The longer you keep stains on your carpet, the harder it will be for you to remove them. Your carpet might only have one drop of stain but because you waited for weeks to clean it, expect that it might take hours to remove it. Save yourself from this kind of situation by immediately cleaning your carpet. If your kid accidentally spills their juice on the carpet, grab a cloth and dab the stain as soon as possible. Since the stain is still new, removing them from the carpet’s fibers will be easier.

3. Don’t rub stains on your carpet. Blot them instead.

Your carpet will have stains no matter how much you take care of it. Even if you’re the only person living in the house, you can accidentally spill your drinks or sauces from your meals onto the carpet. Once this happens, dab the stains on your carpet with a cleaning solution and clean cloth, towel or sponge. Rubbing stains on a carpet can only result in bigger stains (and problems), and can even damage the fibers of the carpet, so make sure that you avoid committing this mistake.

4. Remove gum from your carpet using ice.

Because carpets are usually placed in the living areas or entryways of homes, gum can easily stick to their surface. You might have stepped on a piece of gum outside and have failed to notice this until you’ve transferred the mess onto your carpet. Your kids might also be playing with gum. Removing gum that’s stuck on your carpet can be a nuisance—unless you have ice cubes.

Grab some ice cubes from your freezer and hold it on top of the gum for at least 30 seconds. Once you notice that the gum is already solid, use a spoon to fully grab the gum from the carpet. You’ll be surprised how simple and effective this technique is!

5. Give extra attention to high-traffic areas.

Different areas in your home will receive different amounts of traffic. The number of people who will stay in your living area won’t be the same compared to the number of people who’ll visit your bedroom. If most areas of your home are carpeted, give extra attention to the areas that have lots of traffic. This can include the path going to the TV, down the stairs and even from your living room to the fridge. Since these areas usually receive more traffic, you should exert more effort in cleaning them. Carpets will show signs of wear and tear quicker if it’s used more often, and stains are more likely to show up in these areas as well. Focus on these areas whenever you’re cleaning and vacuuming.

It’s Easier If You Know How

The cleanliness of your carpet is vital to your home and family. If your carpet is always clean, your home can be aesthetically pleasing, and your family can be safe from allergies and other diseases. Make sure that your carpet will provide you with these benefits by using this article as your guide whenever you’re cleaning it. If all of your efforts fail, take the time to hire professionals who offer excellent services at a reasonable price.