5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Sugar, spice, and everything nice – that’s what fall is made of. Whether you’re a sun worshipper, or only dare to leave the shade when pumpkins are already grinning back from your neighbours’ porches, there’s no denying that fall brings with it some great perks. From cozying up indoors for a movie marathon, to burying down under layers of blankets and comforters as the rain batters the windows, fall has something for everyone.


Fall officially starts around mid-September, so there’s plenty of time to prepare your home for the frosty mornings, chilly nights, and long, snug afternoons to come. Read our tips for creating a cozy haven below.

The Bedroom: In with the Cozy, Out will the Cool

Summer may well be the time for kicking the sheets away, drying up under the air con, and leaving those slippers to gather dust bunnies on the floor, but fall is our reward for all that sleepless tossing and turning.

Change up the cotton sheet for a heavier duvet – or, consider trying a weighted blanket, which can do wonders for easing you into a deep, relaxing sleep. A heap of throw pillows can create a wonderfully snug backdrop for an afternoon reading (or napping), and a soft area rug will help to dispel cold feet on those frostier mornings.

The Living Room: Create a Hobby and Entertainment Nook

By late September, the weather may not yet be ‘frightful’, but that doesn’t preclude us from battening down the hatches and cosying up with a few of our favourite things. Consider those long weekends huddled around the glow of a good movie or game as practice for the snow-days to come.

Adorn your couch with blankets and throws, make sure a good stash of snack food is within reach of your favourite spot, and don’t forget to save a toasty spot at your feet for the pets. We recommend switching out your lampshades for darker colours to achieve that cosy, warm glow – and complimenting the lamplight with a few spiced candles and decorative string lights.

Finally, gather together all your favourite movies and games. You can never go wrong with the classics – Cluedo, Monopoly – but, if you want to bring the outdoors in, you can play some great slot games at www.casino.com/nz/online-pokies/, and make your own warming winter drinks: hot toddies, cocoa, and spiced apple cider will be sure to hit the spot.


The Kitchen: Prep Your Baking Cupboard

If there’s a better time of year for steaming up the windows with the smell of freshly baked cake, cookies, and bread, we don’t know about it. There are so many excuses for whipping up a plate of snickerdoodles, or filling your home with the scent of melting chocolate, butter, and marshmallows – why not make full use of them by devoting a corner of your kitchen to all the baking essentials?

Spend an afternoon pouring through your favourite recipe books and writing down all the ingredients you will need for your fall menu. If you’re starting from scratch, this list details all the home-baking necessities, and if you’re lacking in cupboard space, remember that labelled jars can be decorative as well as practical.

The Bathroom: Make Space for TLC

Though there’s plenty of things to love about fall, it can be the worst possible time to for our hair and skin. The cool, drying weather and the bracing winds take their toll, and making time and space for a full skincare routine is one of the best ways to ensure we still feel and look our best.

Make the bathroom a haven within your home with scented candles, bath oils, fresh flowers and a fluffy bathmat to save your feet from the cold tiles. Treat yourself to some new, soft towels and a bath shelf big enough for a good book, a hot drink, and a couple of those cookies you whipped up earlier.