More on Asbestos Removal Prior to Demolition

All types of asbestos can have an adverse effect on your health. However, technically speaking, asbestos doesn’t usually pose a health risk, unless it is in deteriorated condition, is broken or are disturbed in the event of an event where dust is created that contain asbestos fibres. When the asbestos fibres are inhaled, it can cause a severe health risk that can result in disease like lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma. Symptoms usually take a few years before they start presenting themselves. It is crucial to appropriately identify, and where necessitated, remove asbestos before refurbishment or demolition commences. This prevents airborne fibres from being released and causing a health risk.

Diverse Requirements For Refurbishment And Demolition

There are various requirements for addressing installed or fixed asbestos that might be interrupted through demolition in comparison to refurbishment. Installed or fixed asbestos that might be disturbed due to demolition work have to be discarded safely before demolition work starts. However, removing all asbestos before refurbishment work is not always a practical decision since the work might have to be completed in phases, and the asbestos-containing materials might not be reachable until refurbishment has commenced. In case of refurbishment (where asbestos can be disturbed) can commence before asbestos is discarded, given that it is removed in stages and safely throughout the entire refurbishment process. Before any asbestos is removed, whoever is commissioning the removal work have to notify the neighboring employers.

Record Keeping Via An Asbestos Register

As far as asbestos removal cairns is concerned, before refurbishment or demolition take place in a workplace or plant were installed or fixed asbestos is present, the person responsible for control or management of the plant or workplace, must have an asbestos register in place. He must assess and if necessary, make changes to the asbestos register (Details about the asbestos type, location as well as the condition of the asbestos). When a refurbishment or demolition is planned, the following must be reviewed and considered:

  • The location of the asbestos in association with the proposed refurbishment or demolition.
  • If there are any areas that is not accessible but are likely to have asbestos.
  • If the asbestos is likely to be disturbed or damaged due to the refurbishment or demolition. If so, can it be safely removed before the project commences? The type as well as asbestos present must be documented.
  • The volume of asbestos present.
  • The method of refurbishment or demolition and the influence on the asbestos. If the presence of asbestos is indicated, he must make sure that within reasonable practicality it might become disturbed and will be removed as needed.

Who Takes Care Of The Process?

Asbestos removal has to be carried out by a licensed professional, before demolition.

Refurbishment Or Demolition At A Residential Premise

If a self-employed person or an employer has been contacted to perform a refurbishment or demolition at a residential premise, it is practically their workplace. They must detect and when needed, remove asbestos that might be disturbed safely before the work commences. The homeowner is not necessitated to detect and remove the asbestos.