Monthly Restaurant Clean-Up

Curb appeal

Owning a restaurant does not only mean maintaining a kitchen, but you also have to manage a regular cleaning and disinfecting from the exterior to the cutlery on the tabletop. Foodservice business needs to maintain a regular cleaning and sanitizing routine to stop the spread of contamination and viruses while providing a healthy and pleasant environment to your customers. So if you are interested to know how much restaurant cleaning services cost then visit for the detailed guide.

Lets us highlight some major areas of concern that may need a complete and thorough clean-up for your commercial eating area.

Curb appeal

The call of action for your restaurant starts from the exterior of your business and providing attractive and spotless first impression proves to add numbers to your customers. The simplest way to spruce up curb appeal is to clean it up. Minor renovations and maintenance would be added benefits. Check out for your building’s roof repair (make appointment with roofers in your area), broken windows, light fixings, or simply giving your café a new coat of paint when needed. Make sure the entrance mats are tidy, doors and window glasses are sparkling, and walkways are free of debris and animal waste. Adding flower pots would to your pathways in an economical way to add beauty and color.

Immaculate Lobby


The front of a restaurant is important as the cleaning up your dining space will affect how your visitors perceive your business and whether they choose to become your regular customers. Apart from daily cleaning, washing and organizing the tables and sitting area, there are also some monthly procedures to go through. Wash and disinfects the glass of inner windows, doors and door handles. Dust and wipe the lightning lamps, fans and air conditioners.

Check out the ceilings and walls for cobwebs or hanging debris. Wash the walls for any stains and fingerprints that really look repulsive to your potential patrons. It has been researched that 68% of customers would not return to a restaurant with a dirty floor. Make sure the floor of the lobby is disinfected and bleached on a weekly basis while avoiding slip-ups.

Kitchen Conservation


Foodservices may face unique challenges while maintaining kitchen clean up procedure. Where it has to go through daily upkeep of grill, stoves, dishes, utensil, sinks, towel and napkins, and trash, it will also need a weekly or monthly scrubbing. Ensure the deep cleaning of ovens, microwave, water and other beverage dispensers, and fryers weekly or monthly depending on the customer outbreak. The walls of the kitchen should be kept habitually cleaned from oil stains and splashes.

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers should be sanitized and cleaned to avoid mold production. Clean and disinfect the trash area, thoroughly treating it with anti-mosquito and fly sprays. Make sure to wash vent hoods and grease traps. Clear up pipes to prevent clogs, refrigerator coils, ice machine and running sanitizing chemicals through coffee machines to remove any grime build-up.