Melbourne Decking- Change The Ambiance not The Location

Wood is the original and widely used material used in decking. Wood is elegant, natural, durable, and easy to install, and when you walk barefoot over it, you feel pleasant. But natural wood wrap, rot and discolor over time. To keep its luster and gleam, you must clean the wooden deck regularly and oil and polish it every two to three years. Pressure-treated wood has a lifespan of 15 years, and this type of wood is mostly used in decking, as it is affordable. It is mainly crafted from southern yellow pine, which is prone to splinter if not maintained regularly.

Tropical hardwood

Tropical hardwood is exceptionally dense and hard-wearing. Tropical hardwood decking can last for 25 years as it is insect resistant and less prone to rot. But these woods are dense, costly, and not easy to install. As they are very compact, it is hard to work on; the carpenter has to use a drill to put a nail on the flooring. Many companies like Melbourne Decking are specialized in designing and constructing quality decking, as they have been doing so for decades. They will advise you not to use this tropical hardwood flooring in the area, which is subjected to a lot of sunshine throughout the day, as it gets heated up like a frying pan. Golden Ironwood, Red Balau, Ipe, Cambara are some species of tropical hardwood.
Tropical hardwood

Redwood and Cedar

This kind of woods lasts for around 20 years, as they are more resistant to rot and insects. The nature of the wood is stiff and soft and very prone to wear and tear. Lighter colored port oxford cedar is the sturdiest and more durable. A sun-blocking coating will ensure that it retains its natural color, as, like all-natural wood, the color fades when exposed to sunlight over a prolonged period.


Composite decks are made from plastic, and waste wood fibers, coming with the finished top. As it has many layers, it weighs more than natural timber flooring and costlier than natural timber flooring. They do not expand or contract with the change of temperature, hence a stable option. Melbourne decking has a unique collection of composite decking, and each piece is different from others. The grain texture offers an elegant and natural look to the flooring. Some boards have identical surfaces on both sides, making it easy to install.

Plastic decking

Decking made of plastic needs least maintenance, and devoid of splinters. The natural appearance, feel or the sound of wood, maybe missing but is an economical option. The mounting system is intricate, so the space to adjust temperature change.

Premier brands come with a concealed rubber strip, which reduces the squeaking sound while you stroll over it. Installation is easy due to the tongue –and- groove features; this also conceals the screws giving a smooth, uniform look.

Every individual has different tastes, opinions, and what they feel good. Your house speaks of your unique taste, characteristics, and culture. Some people want a modern, sleek, streamlined appearance, while some opt for the more traditional decking.