Margaret Ville Launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

One North

Margaret Ville condominium in Singapore has already launched and was a major success. Thus far, there were several one-bedroom units already sold.
The following units are still available:

  • Stack 1 (Type B2), last unit 39-01.
    39-01 @ 1.4891m
  • Stack 2 (Type A2), last 3 units from level 36th and up
    36-02 @ 1.158m
  • Stack 3 is fully sold
  • Stack 4 (Type B3), last 6 units, from level 31st and up.
    38-04 @ 1.6524m
  • Stack 5 (Type A1), last 5 units, from level 33rd and up.
    39-05 @ 1.0497m
  • Stack 6 (Type B1), last 5 units, from level 34th and up
    37-06 @ 1.3439m
  • Stack 7 is fully sold
  • Stack 8 choice units are still available

All prices remain subject to change and will be updated regularly. You can additionally qualify for more discounts by liaising with the salesperson of relevance. You can also contact Margaret Ville for the final price confirmation.

Important Hubs for Margaret Ville

One North

One North, a center that is comprised of high tech along with top-class research facilities. All the business parks, as well as the commercial spaces, are welcoming to industries from different fields, including biomedical sciences, IT, engineering, and the media. The aim focuses on providing extremely high quality, supportive areas with the purpose to support further growth of economies for these modules.

Currently in planning stages, is Nepal Hill, which will be launched as part of leadership in training, along with a personnel development center. Four Acres Singapore, a lucrative global leading development centre, is also set to open this year, as well as Unilever.
Important Hubs for Margaret Ville

Procter & Gamble, Lucasfilm, and MediaCorp invested in Margaret Ville and remains committed to both business and research opportunistic communities.

Fusionopolis Development

The Fusionopolis development covers 30-hectares of the one-north development. The Fusionopolis development was designed with the purpose to give the environment a space to grow in both the information and communications technologies (ICT), physical sciences, media, and engineering industries. The outstanding and technologically advanced research facilities allow for endless possibilities in both scientific types of research, along with technological breakthroughs, while empowering researchers and scientists to innovate even more.

Fusionopolis additionally, provides fertile ground, which has turned it into the leading location for companies that embark on any activities in business.

Holland Village

Holland Village is best known as Holland-V and is a neighborhood that is located between two boundaries, including the planning regions of Bukit Timah, as well as Queenstown/ Commonwealth

The development is quite popular in Singapore and serves as the perfect place for fine dining and shopping. One of its biggest attractions includes its beer gardens, cafes, many delicacy stores, and specialist stores.

Along Jalan Mambong Road, you will find the food stretch, which includes major restaurants and popular brands, including Crystal Jade, Bread Talk, and Sushi Tei, which will surely satisfy your cravings.

If you’re a caffeine-lover or have a sweet tooth, then Subway, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Haagen-Dazs are most certainly for you. Additionally, there are a lot of food courts and markets that sell local dishes.

The very character of Holland Village exudes many classy dining options, like several ethnic restaurants from India and Turkey, and finally, overseas franchises such as Tapas Beer bullies and Tango’s, along with Harry’s Bar. The place that has been visited the most, however, must be Wala-Wala, which offers incredible live music each night, along with a chill atmosphere to spend before returning to your house at Margaret Ville.

Education and More Amenities

Queenstown is first and foremost known for its wide variety of educational facilities. Some of the best schools in the area include Queenstown Primary School, Bukit Merah Secondary School, Queensway Secondary and the Anglo-Chinese School (International). The New Town Secondary School, Crescent Girls School, and Tanglin Trust School are also very good.

In the area, you will also find many tertiary institutes, including the National University of Singapore, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic, MIDS Uni-Campus, along with Singapore’s Institute of Technology.

Shopping centers and malls include the Anchor Point Shopping Centre, Queensway Shopping Centre, Ikea @ Alexandra, Alexandra Central, Holland Road Shopping Centre, and Dawson. Bigger malls and shopping options like VivoCity and Great World City, including retail facilities in the Orchard area’s shopping belt, are all located only 5-10 minutes away by car.

Margaret Ville’s History

Margaret Ville’s History
Margaret Drive through government land sales’ launch, occurred during December 2016. This district commences at Queensway/ Commonwealth all the way to Tiong Bahru, which is a very lucrative and well-designed property. The site is about 500 meters from Commonwealth’s MRT Station and only several hundred meters walk to Queenstown MRT Station.

Employment Opportunities

The development offers employment opportunities, which is also set to boost the country’s economic growth. One-north, for instance, is growing steadily. It is a very promising development, which will create many new and exciting job opportunities.

More developments will also be constructed in the area, including:

  • Lucasfilm’s Sandcrawler, Fusionopolis
  • The Metropolis, the brand-new office-building, situated next to Buona Vista MRT Station
  • MediaCorp’s headquarters, Mediapolis
  • Campuses of ESSEC
  • Unilever’s Four Acres Corporate University, Nepal Hill

Discovering Queenstown and Holland Village

Designed to be the very first satellite town, Queenstown is complete with a very rich history, which is linked to the country’s overall nation-building initiative. Many buildings in the area, such as Princess House, an Anchor Brewery Brew Master’s House, as well as the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, have already been conserved.

To further preserve even more heritage and memories of Singapore’s shared past, or to enrich Singaporeans sense of belonging in this ultra-rich cultural country, many more heritage sites and buildings must be conserved in the future, such as:

The former Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market – Block 38 Commonwealth Avenue, should be incorporated to a brand-new HDB development

Singapore’s first-ever library – Queenstown Library Blocks 1, 2 & 6 – The Alexandra Hospital 394 Alexandra Road.

Margaret Ville is located at,

Condo Name: Margaret Ville
Address: 20 Margaret Drive Singapore 149312
Telephone: +6563879196
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm