Making Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Many people would like a home that is super luxurious but they feel like they don’t have the budget for it. You can absolutely get the amazing house of your dreams on a budget if you think outside the box and hunt around for some bargains. Let’s take a look at some hacks that ensure a beautiful home without damaging your bank account too much.

1. Don’t forget to add flowers

Sometimes it is the little details that really make a difference to making a home look more luxurious and flowers can instantly take an environment up a notch. All kinds of flowers in different vases are really a lovely little touch and artificial ones are fine too.
Don’t forget to add flowers

2. Declutter some items

It looks way more expensive to have a few staple pieces in your home rather than random bits and pieces all over the place. In addition to that, homes that are filled with clutter look untidy and that is not the luxurious look that you are going for. Decluttering can be rather therapeutic and there are many other benefits to it. Once your home has been successfully decluttered, make sure that you clean regularly.

3. Get some work done on your bathroom

When you are trying to go for that luxurious look, you should be willing to spend a little more on the bathroom. This could involve getting new fixtures, putting new tiles down or even splurging on a new bath. Invest a little more into your bathroom and you are going to notice a big difference. Hiring professionals for this job is definitely worth it and a quality bathroom will last forever.

4. Hang curtains higher

Most luxurious buildings have high ceilings and long curtains. You can trick people into thinking your home is larger than it really is by using a very subtle but effective trick. Get yourself long pleated curtains and hang them higher up above the window frame. This will instantly open up your space and have people thinking about how expensive your home looks.

5. Add a fresh coat of white paint

White walls are like a blank canvas which is very stylish and means that you can add and take away details as you wish. Homes can look rather dull after a time so make sure that you add a fresh coat of white paint from time to time.
Add a fresh coat of white paint

6. Have some nice artwork

Some art on the walls can really give your home some personality and it’s up to you what style you go for. You can find canvases by some of the best artists out there, or unique pieces that you think will add a touch of class. Art does not need to be expensive, look in thrift stores and car boot sales to try and find yourself some bargains.

7. Change your pillows and throw

While you might not be able to afford buying a new sofa, new pillows and throws can make this piece of furniture look brand new. If you can change up these accessories every season or at least every two seasons, it will give the impression that your home is a lot more luxurious than what it actually is.

8. Hardwood floors are better

While carpets have a homely vibe, there is no doubt that hardwood floors look more modern and expensive. So if you have excess money and don’t know where to spend it, why not invest on hardwood flooring. They are also easier to clean and provide a shiny finish to any home. A few rugs throughout the rules will also look really nice and you can get so many amazing looking rugs that are cheaper than what they look.

9. Get your lighting just right

The most amazing homes in the world have awesome lighting which makes EVERYTHING (including the people) look even better! You might not be an expert in lighting but you can experiment with the items that are out there in order to find out what works for you.

10. Change your doorknobs

Getting new cabinets, drawers and so on might not be feasible for your bank account on a regular basis but new doorknobs are a great alternative. It is literally so simple to attach a new doorknob, they are super cheap and look amazing. If you want to get the luxury up even more, more sure all your doorknobs are matching and gold!
Change your doorknobs

11. Add some mirrors

In addition to lighting, mirrors can also make a room appear larger and more luxurious. There are so many grand mirrors out there which you can find for affordable places. Again, you can check in places like car boot sales and thrift stores to find yourself some bargains. Check websites like Pinterest for ideas on where to hang mirrors in your home.

12. Incorporate moldings onto your walls

Moldings are often seen on the walls of expensive homes and they do not cost as much as you might think to get them added. Look for people who provide quality moldings at great prices in your area for a touch of something extra special that is guaranteed to get noticed.