Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas for 2019

What’s trending in kitchen and bathroom styles this year? If your New Year’s resolution is to get rid of the old and bring in the new regarding these special rooms in your home, then carry on reading for some useful tips and ideas.

Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Designs

Like any other room in your home, your bathroom is also sensitive to incoming design and fashion trends. If you have just moved into a house with an avocado-colored bidet in it, you will understand how true this statement can be. Maybe your outdated bathroom contains novelties from past times that no longer look appropriate or acceptable in 2019. This is the ideal time to take advantage of the need for a renovation with the latest styles.

Remember to choose something that you can live with for the next 15 to 20 years. Reconstructing a bathroom, or kitchen is not something that is done regularly. This is why you should approach the project with a lot of thought and care.

Bathroom concepts are often linked to the spaces in the rest of the house: a Victorian-style bathtub in a Victorian-era house, for example. What’s happening in 2019 is that smaller, urban homes are going for extremely sleek minimalism, and luxury mansions are going with lots of space with built-in bubbler tubs, jacuzzis, and walk-in showers—the whole nine yards. This is in keeping with the amount of space each dwelling has to play around with.

The fixtures and installations have the same stripped-down, minimalist lines and curves, but the larger properties are simply installing more fixtures. The colors that are most popular are classic whites and blacks with maybe a hint of natural color like stone or rose marble.

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs
Everyone has hope for finally being able to install the kitchen of their dreams. The best kitchen and bath design ideas for 2019 are enough to get even someone who prefers home delivery excited. When it is time in your life to remodel your kitchen, the minor inconvenience of eating out until the project is completed in really worthwhile.

  • Handles: don’t forget the aesthetic importance of great cabinet door handles. The latest trend from Sweden is to use strips or rings of leather.
  • Multi-purpose kitchen sinks: Sliding panels can add extra food prep space. Once that is complete, the panels slide to the side to reveal two or three sinks.
  • Pendant lighting: Evoke the memory of chandeliers and candles in olden times by installing pendant lighting. They can be lowered or raised according to how much head space you need. These are popular for breakfast nooks.
  • Open shelving: Say goodbye to digging deep into kitchen cupboards. Open shelving made of natural, sustainable woods are going to be popular in years to come.
  • Indoor Herb Gardens: If you install an overhead skylight into your kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of an indoor herb garden providing fresh herbs all the time. They can also be placed near any window.