Key Features of Samsung the Frame TV

The first impression about half of the people who first saw the Samsung the Frame TV during the testing of the TV for the very first time is that they thought that it was a very lovely photo – and this was when the television was “off”. Unbelievable, right? Read on to know more about the new Samsung the Frame TV.

Samsung introduced ‘The Frame’ TV set that is like a work of art even when not in use. An average TV set is used for just about four hours in a day, which is according to Samsung Company the reason and the concept behind why Samsung the frame TV was created – it transforms into something quite useful –or, at least, pleasant to look at in every moment you will see it.

Samsung the Frame TV: Design and setup

While other TV sets make big claims about their thinness, there is no attempt for the Samsung Frame TV to get involve with that design. As a matter of fact, the concept here is to create the TV to look like one of those thick and old-fashioned picture frames – so any attempt at a curved or asymmetric design would break that illusion even before it started. Instead, Samsung has pursued the rectangular shape wholeheartedly, and at 43.18 mm (1.7 inches), Samsung the Frame TV must be up there with, if not overall, the thickest modern-day TV’s in its price category.

The television has a stand with very thin legs, so you can forget to put anything in front of it without possibly blocking the view. And because of the Samsung’s One Connect box you are probably not going to put a set-top box in front of the TV, so it is unlikely that this will be an issue for most individuals, but worth it is definitely worth noting.

It is not going to be an issue either if you mount the Samsung the Frame TV on the wall – as what most individuals would do nowadays. Also, because of Samsung’s innovation, when you mount the TV on the wall, there is only a very tiny gap which makes the Samsung TV placed nearly flushed on the wall, making it look just like a work of art. Just like the QLED Televisions (2017 Samsung flagship), you only need to operate two cables (the power and the One Connect cable) on the TV regardless of the amount of how many devices are linked to it, which means you can give Samsung The Frame TV a totally wireless look with a little bit of planning.

The Samsung Frame features bezels with an understated black metal finish on all sides to continue the illusion of a real frame. But if you do not want this look, you can purchase extra frames in Walnut, Beige Wood, or White Metallic finishes to make sure that your Samsung the Frame TV fits in better with the room interiors. These frames are simple to fit because they have indoor magnets, which implies they snap right on top of the television’s metal bezels.

If you are not satisfied with interchangeable frames, by purchasing the Samsung Studio Stand, you can bring the entire art metaphor to the next level. The stand is durable enough to maintain the safety of the television, and you can run the cables through one of its legs, meaning there will be no noticeable wires that could destroy the ideal look that you would want it to be.

The Samsung Frame TV has only two ports – one is for the power, and the other port is for the thin cable connecting to the One Connect box, which makes it different to the most Televisions that are full of ports on the back and even on the sides. This system, which is also discovered in Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs and a lot of other high-end designs, implies that all video sources such as your boxes for video streaming, set-top box, gaming consoles, and even USB drives that you use to play media on your Television, are plugged into the One Connect box. The box connects to the Television via a thin white cable, which is not hidden, but should be much easier to hide than even a single HDMI cable.

Samsung the Frame TV: Performance and the User Interface

The Art mode kicks in once you are finished watching and then you press the power button off on your TV. The TV will then exhibit you the picture you chose as part of the installation process instead of going into a standby.

You can select from the 100 photos and digital images that Samsung the Frame TV has bundled with the TV set, or you can also subscribe to the Art Store to enable you to choose from a much larger collection of photos, classic prints from renowned artists, and much more. You can do this through the Settings on TV or through using the Android or iOS Smart View app from Samsung. It is also possible to show your very own pictures if you want to.

Unfortunately, the Art Mode does not give a random or slideshow mode which is ostensibly to keep the frame metaphor that breaks when someone sees the picture shift in front of their eyes – this would place the burden on you to select the masterpiece that you want to display in your living room. We discovered that black and white pictures work much better if you really want to pass the TV off as just a frame while it is in Art Mode (although you might also have better luck with color images which depends on the ambient light in your place).

Samsung the Frame TV also has an ambient light sensor, which entails that the Television could modify the brightness and color of pictures to guarantee that when lighting circumstances change, they do not look too bright or dull, subtly retaining the impact of the artwork. This only operates in Art Mode and not while watching content on television.

This is the reason why Samsung has equipped the Frame with a motion sensor. When the television detects that there has been no motion in the room for a while, it automatically comes into a standby. But if there is a movement detected again, then it will power the Art Mode and automatically turn on. Albeit this did not always occur during the review period of the TV, the Samsung Company stated that this could sometimes occur depending on the room’s furniture. But nevertheless, by holding down the power button of the remote for two seconds, this can place the Samsung the Frame TV in a standby mode at any moment.

While the Art Mode may be the Samsung the Frame TV’s main significant feature, when it comes to what you generally associate with a Television or watching TV, it is an outstanding all-round performer.

Colors appeared quite natural, and the distinction was particularly obvious when you would look side by side at the Samsung the Frame TV and a non-HDR full-HD panel. The Samsung’s 4 K HDR panel will also let you see information that is easy to miss or totally invisible on the other televisions.

Even without of the box configurations, skin tones look relatively natural, although there are also plenty of choices for experts to customize. Samsung the Frame TV will automatically detect and display HDR-enabled sources or built-in HDR content applications, but there is a setting called HDR+ Mode for the rest of your content. When this is enabled, the Samsung the Frame TV will automatically give an optimal video-based HDR effect on the video source and it will give all of your content a pseudo-HDR effect.

Samsung the Frame TV: The Verdict

Samsung took on an interesting idea and did it quite well, bearing in mind the present technology’s capacities and constraints. The Art Mode may seem like a gimmick, but it is one that can find a home in your living room, and when you have visitors then over it will definitely be a point of their conversation. It would be best, though, if Samsung could bring a few more characteristics – like providing the users the capacity to wake up every morning to a fresh piece of art.

In choosing a brand of television, Samsung the Frame TV should be one of the televisions that you should consider. At present, it is one of the best brand and it has a high quality performance. And if you are looking for a pleasant to look television then Samsung Frame TV is the one you are looking for.

Although there are a lot of brands of television in the market but Samsung the Frame TV can definitely offer you a lot of features that could make you happy and satisfied.

However, although Samsung the Frame TV performs quite admirably as a TV, if that is just all you are interested in, then you should also consider spending out your cash on other Samsung high-end television models.