Keeping Your Furniture in Tip-Top Shape

When someone visits your home or office, the first thing they see is the furniture. The design, lighting, and overall aesthetic of the interior design would receive compliments from your visitors. But what completes the set is your furniture.

You will always hear statements about your furniture, like if the table looks a bit rough around the edges, or if your sofa is a bit squeaky in the middle. Getting furniture repairs might seem daunting, and although there are some you can do on your own, remember to leave the major repairs to the experts.

Always keep a vacuum handy.

Always keep a vacuum handy.

If you are using fabric furniture, a vacuum is like a magic wand that keeps your furniture clean with the use of a low suction attachment. The vacuum will be useful as well for outdoor fabric furniture, as well as using a soft-bristled brush and soap. If there is mildew, you can use a mild bleach solution.

For wooden or leather furniture, it is advisable to dust them thoroughly. You can use a vacuum, or you can use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the dust. You can do this twice a month.

Be mindful.

Spills are often the reason why stains appear on furniture, and for most people, when these stains are left unattended, it makes it harder to remove.

As soon as there is a spill, make sure to clean it immediately. Have an upholstery cleaner ready, or at least be aware of what you can do for specific fabric upholstery.

Do take care when placing hot or cold items on some types of furniture, as it can either stain or create spots on them, like on wood or leather. They may also leave a mark that changes the materials’ texture.

Keep specific furniture out of sunlight.

Keep furniture with colours or fabric away from direct sunlight. Leather cushions are also advisable to be kept away from sunlight, to make sure the colours do not fade, or the leather to lose its shine.

For tables, you can use a tablecloth to effectively lessen the effect of sunlight, preventing spots from occurring.

Schedule a cleaning day in a month or a year.

Schedule a cleaning day in a month or a year.
You can do a significant cleaning session every month, but it is more advisable to have a professional clean your furniture every year. If you can clean things up on our end, the professional cleaner would only need to look for furniture repairs that you did not seem to notice. It is also a great way to learn more about furniture care.

Final word

There are a few types of furniture that you should use specific cleaning materials on, such as wood, where you need to oil or wax them regularly.

You can also use soap and warm water when you are cleaning wooden furniture. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any residual wetness.

Make sure that sharp objects are far from wooden furniture, as it may nick or scratch the surface. Wooden furniture often ages with grace, so if you find any dark or white spots, check if you can determine if it is just due to sunlight exposure, or the furniture is just aging.

If the need arises, do not hesitate to call over the professionals to do your furniture repairs.