Keeping Electronics Safe from Electrical Surges

Take a quick look round the room you’re stood or sat in. How many electrical devices can you see? The average house now has 8 internet connected devices alongside the traditional electrical units.

Each of those devices will be sensitive to power surges which are usually beyond your control. Unfortunately a power surge can destroy any item left plugged in; that’s why it’s important that you take steps to keep electronics safe from electrical surges:

Electrical Services

The first thing you need to do is get an electrician in Sydney or your local area to come in and check your wiring and fuse box. This will allow them to advise you regarding any issues, particularly shorts which can damage your appliances and even start a fire.

It is important to have your electrical system checked on a regular basis; this will protect electronics equipment and your family.

Surge Protectors

The next step is to either install surge protecting sockets or surge protection extensions. These items are designed to deal with a surge in the electrical supply and continue to provide a regular supply to anything plugged into them.

This protects your electronics from the spike that can damage them. However, it is important to check these items regularly to ensure they are working properly.


The ultimate failsafe is to simply unplug your electronics when you’re not using them. This won’t help if your device is plugged in charging or because you’re using it. But, if you’re not using it and it doesn’t need charging then you should always unplug. An added bonus is that you’ll save on your electricity costs as well.

Battery Backups

If you use computers on a regular basis it may not be practical to shut them down and unplug them every time you walk away. While a surge protecting socket can help the better alternative is to invest in a battery backup system.

This plugs into the supply for you and provides power to your device. As well as regulating the power to your electronics item it will store electricity. This will allow you to use the item for a couple of hours even when the electricity has failed.

Whole House Surge Protection

It is also possible to fit a whole house surge protector. This is a little more complicated than the surge protecting sockets but it offers protection to every item in your home. This could be invaluable if you get a power surge or are subject to them on a frequent basis.

However, no surge protection device can protect against the power of a lightning strike directly on your home. If you find the weather is turning bad then you need to unplug as many items as you possibly can.


Finally it is a good idea to check your insurance to see what electronics damage you are covered for. It is important to comply with their demands in order to be able to claim if the worst does happen.