Instagram Tips For Your Dental Practice

Instagram can be an exceptional tool for dental businesses. With 1 billion monthly active users, it’s crucial to use this platform to your advantage. With this type of exposure at your disposal, you can increase your website’s traffic and help target prospective patients.

Here are some of the top ways to utilize Instagram for your dental practice marketing.

Create Quality Content

Quality Content

Quality content is crucial to your social media strategy as it reflects your brand and will draw more people to your platforms. It’s essential to create content that is short, memorable, and fun. You can even use apps like Canva to come up with visually appealing content that gives your brand a consistent look. Plus, using templates can save time while also making your posts look professional.

Create The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most necessary components of Instagram dental marketing campaigns. Understanding hashtags and how to use them best is one of the top tactics you can use in your marketing practice online.

It’s essential to not only include tags that relate to the post, but you can create branded hashtags. If you’re struggling to come up with branded hashtags, base them off your practice’s name, your current social media campaign, or any action you want your audience to take. Make sure your tags are always relevant.

Utilize The Stories Function

Instagram Stories is extremely popular. In fact, over 300 million users interact with them daily. If you’re a dental practice who is looking to attract more patients, use Instagram Stories to further engage your ideal audience. This tool creates conversations and can help you learn more about your potential patients. Check out this great info for some dental marketing ideas on how to bring new patients into your practice.

To make the most of these stories, use stickers for optimal results. The top four to use are location, poll, hashtag, and emoji stickers. By implementing stickers, you can create engagement and stories that are current.

Photo stories are essential, but so are videos. Even if it’s just a short video, visual storytelling is an effective way to engage users and encourages them to participate with your brand.

Get Organic Followers

Organic Followers
For any business, including a dental practice, it’s essential to have a decent number of people following you on Instagram. That way, when you reach potential new patients, your account will be more credible to them.

An organic following is attracting followers through your content, not through paid ads. A following of “organic followers” is best as they are people who are invested in your brand. To get organic followers, you must post at least once a day, incorporate videos, use quality hashtags, share user-generated content, collaborate with influencers, respond to your patients’ comments, and create contests. In other words, be active in your dental marketing, engage, use a variety of content … and have fun!

Use all of the above methods to gain exposure for your practice and to engage your audience. Your dental practice’s Instagram account will be an effective dental practice marketing tool to help you get patients in the door to increase your production …. and therefore your bottom line.