Identifying the Signs of Foundation Problems in Your House

Buying a home can be one of the most expensive decisions in life. But it is worth the price, given the kind of emotional support and physical security you experience after this. And that’s why it becomes your responsibility also to take care of it. Suppose you feel something odd about the foundation. You must not delay and get in touch with the experienced contractor to examine and fix the issue. Foundation can weaken due to plumbing challenges, quality of soil, climate, and other reasons. Here is a brief overview of what can go wrong with this structure so that you can take proper action on time.

Sinking foundation

Do you feel that the foundation of your house is facing settlement issues? If you don’t get it checked on time, one side of the house can sink deeper. It may need some lifting or support of foundation piers for correction. If not attended on time, it can take the form of vertical cracks on interiors and exteriors. So, it’s better to get it fixed as soon as possible. For help, you can consider visiting Stratum’s website once.

Foundation upheaval

House Foundation Damage

As opposed to a sinking foundation, in this case, the whole structure can lift upward, causing gaps and uneven floors. The windows and doors can also stick. The problem usually arises when the concrete slab gets pushed up; it can also affect hallways, doorways, and other spaces. The reason for foundation upheaval can be excess moisture in the soil, leakage under the concrete slabs, etc. You have to be more careful during rainy and frosty seasons because both these conditions can lead to excessive wetness, putting pressure on the foundation.

Sticking doors

When the door sticks or poses difficulty with opening and closing, you can take it as a sign of a foundation problem. The doors inside the home would usually stick at the top, and the outside ones will also have a challenge. You can compare the top left side with the top right side of the door to feel the difference.

Sagging floors

Sagging floors

Dipping, sinking, uneven, and bowing floor can be another indicator. Foundations made with concrete slabs usually lead to the problem of uneven floors. When improper foundation troubles pier and beams, the effect extends to the flooring. They can sag and make a squeaking noise. Since sinking or out of level floors can look unsightly and pose dangers for kids and seniors, it’s better to eliminate all the hazards on time.

Gaps in counters and cabinets

When you notice that your cabinets and countertops in the kitchen are separating from the wall, it means there is an underlying issue that needs your attention. Initially, the gap may appear to be insignificant. However, if it is 1/2” or more, you cannot afford to wait. It can happen due to foundation damage.

There can be more examples that point towards foundation problems. When you notice anything unusual, you should investigate it and contact an experienced foundation repair contractor for help. After a thorough checkup, the professionals can tell you about the real issue and ways to fix it.