What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You & to Potential Buyers

The front door is an integral part of any house. It is one of the first things that people see when they visit you. As such, its color can say a lot about you as the homeowner. Whether it is subtle and subdued or bright and bold, your front door’s color is a statement in itself.
Therefore, if you are selling a house, the color of its front door will determine the kind of people looking for houses to buy that you are going to attract. Below is a rundown of some common front door colors and what they can tell us about the owner of a house.


Red is a bright color that symbolizes a place that is open and welcoming to the world. Homeowners who choose the red color for their front doors may be seen as confident, vibrant, bold, and full of life. Red has also been known to symbolize being lucky, this may be as appealing to a potential buyer as any color of door and will definitely stand out from the rest.



Blue is one of the most common colors in the world. It is considered to symbolize peace and calm. Homeowners who choose blue for their front doors are usually peaceful, prosperous, and full of positive energy. A blue door may attract a decent buyer who may be similar to you, as well as potentially have an easier flow of selling the home.


Green is the most earth friendly-color. It symbolizes life, balance, peace, growth, and renewal. If your front door color is green, then it can be concluded that you are likely to be compassionate and in tune with nature and the community.


Yellow is a bright color that symbolizes mental clarity and understanding. Homeowners who choose yellow for their front door color may be viewed as fun-loving, curious, confident, and having a good sense of humor.


White is a bright color that is known to symbolize purity. If your front door is white, then the people visiting your house may conclude that you are serene, organized, neat, and clean. Having a ‘clean’ appearance is usually a good thing to showoff to potential home buyers, they may see that you’ve kept the home in good condition which generally is a positive to a buyer.


Although black is relatively a dull color for a front door, it represents order and control. Homeowners who pick black for front doors may be viewed as elegant, reserved, and consistent. This can work with you or against you when trying to sell your home. Depending on the community and lay of the land, a black door could go either way on turning a buyer on or off to purchase the property.


Orange combines the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. It symbolizes fascination, enthusiasm, and joy. Homeowners who prefer orange front doors are likely to be social people, entertaining, and patient. If you’re looking to grab the attention of buyers, an orange door may be the way to go. However, don’t get attached, it will probably end up getting repainted or replaced.


Although brown is a color that is often considered to be dull, it represents the color of earth, which symbolizes simplicity, steadfastness, health, dependability, and friendliness. Therefore, homeowners who choose brown for their front doors are believed to be friendly, stable, and reliable.


Purple combines the energy of red and the calmness of blue. It symbolizes power, luxury, ambition, nobility, and loyalty. Homeowners with purple front doors are believed to enjoy taking big risks in addition to being open to opportunities as they come. Not saying you’re hiding foundation issues, but buyers attracted to a purple door may jump at the opportunity rather than think more in-depth about the purchase.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that since the front door is one of the most visible parts of a house, its color has to be chosen wisely. Besides, every color has a meaning, and therefore, the color of a front can tell us a lot about a homeowner. Therefore, if you are selling a house, remember that the people that are searching for houses for sale online may base their initial reaction to seeing the listing of the house by the color of the front door.