Ways to Hide your TV for Interior Design Improvement

This is one of the ways you can use to hide a tv in plain sight. It’s no secret that your screen takes center stage in your living room. And placing it above your fireplace is logical.

If you’re a television enthusiast, then keep reading. Your TV is a part of your living room and it speaks a lot about you. Your home is your safe haven and a place to rid yourself of all the stress of the world. You want your home to be perfect, be it with the right heating system , or because of the way your designed your living room.

You want it to attract attention but not draw too much of it in your living room. When you don’t want your black box to be the center of attraction, you’ve got to figure out how to hide tv. Although hiding it is an option, there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

In a closed cabinet above your fireplace

This is one of the ways you can use to hide a tv in plain sight. It’s no secret that your screen takes center stage in your living room. And placing it above your fireplace is logical.

But what happens, when it lessens the appearance of your fireplace? You’ll need to create an opening on your wall and hang your tv and have doors to tuck it out of sight. this will help when you want to enjoy the coziness of your fireplace without your TVs disturbance.

At the back of your painting

You can opt to hide your flat screen tv behind your painting or piece of art. It may not that easy of a project but it’s achievable. This can be done on your off days in the weekend with the help of family or friends.

It requires some skill but there are lots of manufacturers with products in the market to help you achieve it. That’s in the case if you would like to go at it on your own. It can also come with a remote control for ease of use.

Classic old school map

Maybe some of the really younger generations may have no clue what classic map looks like. This method of hiding tv complements a décor that’s vintage-like. You may easily get these maps online through sites like Etsy and eBay.

You’ll get the chance to remind yourself of the various geographical places you studied. Not only that but it also presents a learning board for everyone in the living room when your tv is not in use.

Pocket door

This is another option of hiding tv from plain view. A piece of art or painting can be used to mimic your screen which stays hidden away. How it falls into place is by using a sliding mechanism.

The mode of control can either be manual or mechanical employing the use of switches and/or remote control. You are rest assured of your tv being hidden in a wall while not in use.

Tv lifts

This is a popular sort after choice when it comes to the home improvement interior design realm. Here, there are two types of tv lifts which you can employ to conceal your flat screen.

Pop-up tv lift (motorized)

With this type of tv lift, a tv cabinet or any piece of furniture can be used to realize the project. Its operation is controlled by actuators which enable your tv to pop up from your piece of furniture when in use.

It retracts back to the cabinet once you’re done watching it. The movement is controlled by either a rocker switch or remote. All this depends on your fantasy and level of creativity.

Drop down lift (ceiling)

As the name suggests, this type of lift drops from your ceiling surface when your tv is in use. A great way how to hide a tv like those James Bond movies cool devices and gadgets.

The preferred method of control by remote control but there is also the option of the rocker switch. This option is quite technical and is challenging to implement but it’s realizable.

The ceiling lift will require you to later your interior design by creating a space in your ceiling for your tv. A common implementation is on boats, cruise ship and also your buses. It is though finding its place in the living room.

Tv lifts from progressiveautomations.com/tv-lifts are a welcome choice that not only adds functionality but also beautify in your interior design improvement endeavors.

Over artwork that slides

This should only be realized once you have a clue and mastered the art of how to hide tv in living room. This type of solutions entails using two pieces of artwork, preferably paintings with sliding trails to conceal your tv.

There are ready to use options in the market today that are ready to implement. But, it’s your chance to put your hands to good use. The art pieces can be bought anywhere on the internet or your local furniture store.

Inside your fireplace

Nice home improvement project in case your fireplace doesn’t work. You tv won’t be tucked away and will stand out but in terms of aesthetics, it’s a welcome option. You can be assured of wowing your visitors.

There are so many ways to hide tv & Wires in your living room or home setting. What you keep in mind is where you’ll want to implement your project is your space. The size of living room gives you an idea what and how to implement your solutions.

Whether it’s your ceiling floor or you want your tv hidden in a wall, choice of materials varies. So whatever options from above you consider implementing, remember functionality is key then followed by beauty.