Useful Tips for First Time Home Buyers to Implement

Homeowners that do not have the appropriate knowledge that goes along with buying a home can benefit from implementing these helpful homebuyer tips. It can assist them with knowing what to expect. The stages during homebuying can be different from one state to another and are contingent on the local customs, however, there are a few that remain the same:

  • Locating an agent
  • Finding a home
  • Getting a loan
  • Negotiating a deal
  • Obtaining a home inspection

Hiring an Agent


It’s not a pre-requisite to hire an agent, however it could save you valuable time and money.

  • The agent an send you the listing that meets your criteria.
  • An agent is often aware of new listings that are not on the market yet.
  • You are not using your own gas when you’re viewing different houses and some agents can even preview the listings for you.
  • Agents can easily spot overpriced properties and guide you accordingly.

Finding The Right Home To Purchase

Finding a home that fits your needs is not always easy. You probably don’t want to book more than seven homes to have a look at since it can become too overwhelming. Most purchasers do some research before viewing a home. They spend round about two to three weeks touring homes after they’ve chosen their preferred neighborhood.

Obtaining A Loan


You do not have to go through a mortgage broker or bank before purchasing a loan, however it is a smart move to obtain loan pre-approval beforehand. Pre-approval doesn’t necessarily guarantee financing, but it can help you assessing what you fan afford. Many sellers will not review an offer unless they have assurance that the buyer can obtain a loan. Before hiring movers in Germantown Tennessee for the desired home you want to buy, an FHA loan is a popular loan for first-time home buyers to delve into and worth considering. It is essential to compare the various mortgages at your disposal and to shop for the best possible terms, and one that matches your circumstances.

Negotiating An Offer


Sellers can ask the price they want which does not mean the home will necessarily sell at this price. An agent can offer pending sales and comparable sales. The comparable sales are more or less the same home types that are in the same condition and areas that was sold in the past three months. The comparison is made contingent on age, location, square footage, style, lot size and features. Precise comparable sales are not a regular occurrence;however, the variances are weighed to evaluate whether they reduce or add to the sales price. Pending sales be converted to comparable sales as soon as the home closes. You will not have to pay more than the listed price in the seller’s market if various buyers are after the same inventory. The agent can arrange a reasonable price range and assist you with managing your expectations.

Getting A Home Inspection

In certain states, a home inspection is done prior to buyers making a purchase offer. In others it is a contract eventuality. This means the buyer has a right to cancel the contract if issues were found in a home inspection. This is useful since you won’t be locked into purchasing a house that has a defective foundation, for instance. Seller usually aren’t necessitated to make repairs if issues arise from a home inspection. Home inspections are carried out for the buyer’s enlightenment. In some cases, the seller might agree to repairs or will lower the sales price instead of losing out on the deal entirely.