Unlimited Guide on How to Shop for Electricity in Pennsylvania?

Just like shopping for other goods and services, you can also shop for Pennsylvania electricity rates if you are a citizen of the state. It’s no doubt that everyone wants the best pa electric rates to help them save more money on their energy consumption.

While many pa electric suppliers distribute electricity in Pennsylvania, their energy rates vary significantly. In this article, we explore the most useful tips that can help you find best electricity prices in Pennsylvania. Keep reading to learn more about electricity in the state.

Pennsylvania Electricity Companies

With a deregulated energy market, Pennsylvania is home to many utility companies that supply electricity to consumers, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. Some of the most popular electric companies in Pennsylvania include:

  • Constellation Energy
  • Gateway Energy Services
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Direct Energy
  • Champion Energy
  • Just Energy

Each company mentioned above has its strengths. For instance, Green Mountain Energy is one of the leading electricity companies that supply eco-friendly green power and offer excellent customer services. Direct Energy is renowned for its unique reward plans.

You can also buy electricity from public utility companies regulated by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC). This regulatory body regulates the prices of retail electricity suppliers in the state. The commission also oversees activities of the following entities:

  • Electric Generation Suppliers (ESG): Create electricity and avail it to consumers after setting their prices.
  • Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs): Supply electricity to consumers’ doors, but do not generate electricity.

Here are the electric utility companies (EDC) in Pennsylvania. They are the major electric providers in the state.

  • Citizens’ Electric Company of Lewisburg
  • Duquesne Light Company
  • Metropolitan Edison (Met-Ed) Company
  • PECO Energy Company
  • Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec)
  • West Penn Power – FirstEnergy Company
  • Pike County Light & Power Company
  • PP&L Electric Utilities
  • UGI Utilities Inc.
  • Wellsboro Electric Company
  • West Penn Power

Besides purchasing electricity from the Electric Distribution Company (EDC) – also known as local utility company – in your area, you can get electricity from other service providers such as the marketers (like Direct Energy), aggregators, and electricity brokers.

Costs of Electricity in Pennsylvania

As a resident of Pennsylvania, it’s essential to understand the pa electric rates in the state before setting your feet on the energy market. Here are the average costs of electricity for residential, industrial, and commercial consumers in Pennsylvania.

  • Residential electricity rates in pa: 12.75 cents per kWh
  • Commercial electricity rates in pa: 9.44 cents per kWh
  • Industrial electricity rates in pa: 7.23 cents per kWh

In general, Pennsylvania has an average electricity rate pa of 14.33 cents per kWh. With an average electricity cost of $117 per month, Pennsylvania citizens have the 19th highest electricity bill in the U.S. The state’s electricity usage is 841 kWh per month, on average.

Note that the electricity rates in Pennsylvania can change any minute due to changes in factors like seasons, weather conditions, and costs of power transmission and delivery.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Electricity in Pennsylvania

It is no surprise that most people base their search for electricity on prices alone, unaware of other critical things to consider. Besides electricity rates in pa, here are the factors that you should also consider to shop for the best electricity deal in Pennsylvania.

  • Customer Service and Responsiveness

The quality of customer services that pa electric suppliers offer is also a vital element you need to consider before selecting an electricity provider. Check on their response time to emergencies. Can you contact them on a 24/7 basis or only during the day?

The best way to find out an electric supplier’s responsiveness is by contacting them for a free electricity quote. How fast they get back to you will reflect on how they will respond to your complaints or inquiries in the future if you choose them as your service provider.

  • Duration of Contract with an Electricity Provider

Electricity companies in Pennsylvania supply electricity on a contract basis (term length). During your search, you should also consider the term lengths of each electricity supplier to find the contract that will work best for your current and future needs.

Are you planning to rent electricity for a short duration or to keep it a bit longer? Do you intend to end the contract before peak seasons when electricity usage and prices are very high? Asking yourself such questions can help you find the most favorable deal.

Most electricity contracts in Pennsylvania last for 3-24 months or even more. However, some service providers change their contract terms every month. Usually, shorter contracts often offer higher electricity rates than more extended contracts.

  • Range of Energy Services

Choosing multiple service providers to take care of your energy needs might be expensive in the long run. As you search for the best electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania, find out the energy services that a provider offers, from electricity to natural gas supplies.

You can also check if they provide electricity to all residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. Electric companies that offer a vast range of services to different kinds of customers are more experienced and skilled when it comes to supplying power.

Choose one energy provider that can handle your current and future energy needs. The company should also have a good reputation and history in offering electricity services.

How to Compare Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

When shopping for electricity in Pennsylvania, it’s imperative to compare electric rates in pa to get the best deal. Most electricity consumers visit electricrate.com to compare electric rate options in Pennsylvania. All you need to do is enter your Zip code.

After entering your pa area code, the page will display several electricity companies in your area of residence, together with their power rates. You will also see the contract terms of the electricity providers and the cancellation fees for terminating a contract.

How to Switch to a New Electric Supplier in Pennsylvania

When you shop around and realize that another supplier offers better electricity rates than your current service provider, you can switch to another supplier. However, you may have to pay the cancellation fees for ending the contract prematurely.

You can switch to another service provider by contacting your new electric supplier or by signing up on your current supplier’s website to terminate the contract. Your new supplier will notify your local utility company of the change, who will then send you an mail to confirm that you made the change.


When shopping for the cheapest electricity rates in Pennsylvania, remember to check on the terms of service of electric energy suppliers. It will help you find the most favorable deal in the market. You will also get to learn the deposits and additional fees to pay.

You can always switch your electricity supplier any time you find a better service provider but at a fee. However, you won’t pay any fee if you move to another supplier with better Pennsylvania electricity rates within three days after starting the previous contract.