Tips on How to Display Your Wedding Photos

If you are having a hard time brainstorming on how to do it, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you put your wedding photos on display.

You are going through your wedding photos and enjoying the spread of warmth as you look at the way you and your husband smiled at each other. You recall the sweetness of your first dance, the throwing of the bouquet. The cherished moments jump up and take you back to that special day. But once you log out of the cloud and close your computer, the memories stay with the now-invisible photos.

What if you take them out, have them printed, and put them on display? Your visiting family and friends will be hit with nostalgia once they look at your photos. Whenever your eyes train the wall or the shelves, you will also be reminded of the beautiful day when you became husband and wife.

If you are having a hard time brainstorming on how to do it, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you put your wedding photos on display.

Put Them in a Series

For a harmonious, informal display, putting your photos in a series using clothespins and hooks can do the trick. Photos can be set against the wood to give the presentation a rustic look. You can then hang them on a bare wall using a clothesline and use it as an accent.

You can also choose your preferred theme, such as vintage or modern, by replacing the pegs, hooks, and wood with other materials like acrylic that will suit what you have in mind. At you can find quality photo frames, plus you can spice it all up by including a little caption in each photo.

Mix and Match

If you want a more creative route, mixing up and matching your photos can give you the chance to play with more elements. Why not put them together in a scrapbook? That way, you can also let your creative juices flow as you design and cut out art materials. Choose your best wedding photos, and display them in your scrapbook.

Find a Place in the Wall

Just like the clothespin idea, you can find a place on the wall where you can hang your framed photos. The best spot can be in the hallway or the accent wall in your living room. When you have guests, their eyes will predictably go there.

Make sure to pick pretty frames that are uniform to create a seamless presentation. You can go for elegant, minimalist, or vintage.

Or if you want something unique, you can have your photos recreated in customized caricatures. Wedding caricatures from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts are the best way to do that with their personalized, made-to-order hand-drawn caricatures. What better way to display your photos, right?

Put Them in the Dining Room

It may not cross your mind, but you can let your wedding photos make your dining area look more interesting. For newlywed couples, retrofitting their photos in pretty coasters or mugs sounds like a good idea. It is a display idea that is both fun and functional. You can also bask in the memories of your big day while taking a sip of your morning coffee.

Create a Photo Book

You must have a coffee table in your living room with several photo albums that entertain your visitors. Why not add your wedding photos to the collection? But instead of opting for the good, old ready-made photo albums, you can give this idea a fresh twist by creating your own photo book, the digital way. It will be a beautiful addition to your coffee-table books.

Putting your photos on display is a fun, meaningful way to celebrate your life together as husband and wife. To make it more momentous, sign up the help of your husband while you are doing the project. That way, you get to create new memories and make your bond even stronger.