Tips for Remodelling Your Bathroom: From Plumbing to Decoration

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, then we recommend you make a thorough alteration. This means you would need the expertise of a plumber, an electrician, a painter, a contractor, and others. When it comes to plumbing, take advice from a neighbor on which plumber phoenix would be fit enough to get the best job done. By reconstructing your bathroom, your not only revamping your home but increasing it’s resale value too. All-in-all, it’s a win-win situation. Let us provide you with some steps to follow when you plan to remodel your bathroom.

Walls. Walls. Walls

Yes, the bathroom walls are significant when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom. There are so many cool ways by which you can do this. You can completely cover the walls with tiles, wallpaper, and even a chalkboard. If you’re looking for a more modern approach, then you should certainly try one of the options mentioned above. Another cool way to liven the walls of the bathroom would be to hang different pieces of artwork and art frames with paintings or quotes on the walls. You can also go by your preference and decorate the walls according to your own personal taste.

Go for the Appropriate Flooring

Many people often go for wooden floors that feel really good and make the room look lovely, but it might not be the best option. The water could leak through the wooden floor, which will be a big problem if the bathroom is on a higher level as the ceiling of the lower floor could get damaged. You should have a builder look at the flooring to see whether it could hold for at least a decade or more. Consider getting ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl tiles, as they can last longer.

Don’t Forget the Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in all bathrooms. They are private spaces that can get foggy, smelly, or too congested that you may not be able to breathe properly, considering how closed the area is. Your bathroom should already have a space for an exhaust fan or might have a duct system. However, you can get the position changed by asking a builder. They can close up one space and look at the right spot for another. Consider having a window installed as well, as it can be great to get some natural light and fresh air once in a while.

Lighting Is Key

Every bathroom has a sink with a mirror, both of which are very commonly used for styling and other purposes, which makes it crucial to have excellent lighting. The best light will keep every female in the home a happy camper since they would be able to apply makeup to the best of their capacity and even check which outfit is the best for the day. Try to come up with a theme and buy unique fixtures that go together to really brighten up space.

If you like to take a warm bath in low light, then opt for adding a dimmer switch to the bathroom as well.

Add a Little Oomph

You might want to consider leaving some space for a pot or two of plants. They can bring color and life to any room. You can look into several species of plants that are beneficial. Some great plants you can include in your bathroom are the Zygocactus, Phalaenopsis orchid, Boston fern, Peace lily, and Peperomia are some of the best bathroom-friendly plants you can have. Furthermore, accessorize your bathroom to add more life to it, like soap holders, mirrors, toothbrush holders, and even some bathroom furniture.

Add Attractive Freestanding Pieces

If there is room, consider adding one or two freestanding pieces. Many designers recommend having a decorative chair or a cupboard to give the room a creative design. You can browse estate auctions where they sell off items from a deceased collector’s home. If you like something, but there isn’t enough space, consider moving some things around. The piece doesn’t necessarily have to be just for decorative purposes, as it could also be something useful like a soap holder.

Add Hooks and Floating Shelves

Strategically placing hooks can be instrumental for hanging clothes, bathrobes, and towels. You could add hooks behind the bathroom door, or you could switch over to your creative side and include floating wooden shelves in your bathroom. Floating shelves are very trendy these days. They are great for mounting picture frames, plants and you can even use them to place towels and other bathroom essentials. Moreover, they are not too expensive as well.