The Litter Box of the Future

A self-cleaning litter box is something that every cat owner has dreamed about for years. You only have to look at what people are saying about the Litter Robot brand to know that they are reputable. Here’s what you can expect from the Litter Robot II Self Cleaning Open-Air Litter Box.

It’s Smart

The Litter Robot III works because the weight sensor knows when a cat has used it. There is no button you need to press, and it works on its own initiative, cleaning up after every use. The waste is then taken out of sight into the base of its dome.

The Design Is Hygienic

The rotating design means that the dirty litter is raked away and only clean litter remains. Not only is this more cost-effective when it comes to how much litter you need, but it is also hygienic.

With less waste out in the open, bacteria doesn’t get a chance to make its way into your home as it would if left out in the open. As fastidious as you may be, no cat owner can always clean the litter immediately after each time the cat uses it. With this product, you don’t have to follow behind your cat all day to have a clean home.

It Doesn’t Waste Any Time

When you are out at work, it can be hours before the tray is cleaned or emptied. The Litter Robot Open Air self-cleans just 3 to 7 minutes after your cat has left the dome. This means that when you get back from work or a day out, your home doesn’t have any pungent smells lingering in the air.

It Is Designed With Cats in Mind

It isn’t just you who benefits from this product. There is a night light for your cat. If they are old or have limited vision, this automatic light will really help them find the litter box with ease.

There is also a wait time setting that you can amend to your choosing, just in case your cat re-enters the dome. The last thing you want is to make your cat uncomfortable with the automatic machinery, driving it away from the litter box.

It’s a Quality Product

A lot of the competition make loud automatic litter trays that can put your cat off using them. This one is quiet and well thought out to make sure it doesn’t scare your cat.

The safety stop means it will not frighten your cat if it enters the box during the cleaning process. If you’re still unsure your cat will like it, know that it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

It Looks Good

This isn’t as important as the other attributes, but when it comes to your home, you don’t want anything that is going to be an eyesore, and this model is attractive and discreet.

The Litter Robot III is one of the most pleasingly designed options on the market, and the 18-month warranty further cements the fact that it is made by a reputable company.