The Best Modern Home Security Innovations

In recent years, with the advances in technology and materials available, both physical and monitoring systems have seen great improvements; allowing you to be safer in your home.

Your home is where your heart is, along with the people and possessions you care the most about. Home security is, or should be, a high priority so you can relax knowing that you are safe and well protected from those who would break in to cause harm or to steal from you. Especially in the world today, homes that are considered in ‘safe’ neighborhoods are becoming more frequent targets to burglars.

To protect your home there are two different forms of security you can make use of; physical barrier or monitoring systems. A physical barrier will physically stop or slow down the would-be intruder while a monitoring system does exactly that, provides surveillance of your property so you can see what is going on. Often, the presence of a monitoring system will deter thief’s from attempting a crime as they know a recording is happening that will land them in jail. While both options are great, the best protection is some form of both, depending on your house and needs.

In recent years, with the advances in technology and materials available, both physical and monitoring systems have seen great improvements; allowing you to be safer in your home.

The physical forms of security include fences, security doors, window screens designed to be hard to break into, and window film that increases the strength of the glass.

Security fences

A fence will always be a fence, yet it can be designed to make entry onto the property more difficult or less desirable through its’ design and added features such as wire or an electric element.A feature that is becoming available to more people is the security gate, allowing access only to those that have the code and automatically shutting behind them. Gates can also come with cameras and an intercom to communicate with the home owner, so every guest must be approved through.

Security doors

Security doors aren’t just your everyday door, rather they are reinforced with material made to withstand break in attempts. From reinforced hinges to internal layers that add density to door knobs that make lock picking far more difficult, security doors create a barrier that costs intruders time. This is a strong deterrent as the longer time spent on a scene, the greater the chances of getting caught.

Reinforced screens

Reinforced screens and security film run along the same lines as the security door does; they make it harder to break in. Screens that are made of tensile material aren’t as easy to cut as a regular screen. Reinforced attachments keep the screen in place, easily popped out screens may remove an entry point. By applying a security film to the glass of your house, you have made it harder to break in a forced entry.

Home security doesn’t have to stop at the physical barriers of a fence, security door, or reinforced windows…

Surveillance options

Monitoring your house with security equipment is a newer form of protection and is quickly evolving to provide non -top footage you can see wherever you are. Along with cameras, home alarms are an amazing deterrent to house theft.

Security cameras can be as basic as door monitoring or they can monitor every room in the house and all exterior land. Newer surveillance systems can be voice activated, motion activated, set to a specific time, and alerts can be sent to you when something occurs.

Whether the system is self-monitored, or a company paid to monitor the cameras, cameras are a huge deterrent to a break in happening. Especially today, when everything can be viewed from a smart phone or tablet, removing the worry of being away from the house for extended periods of time.

Cameras can even be installed in the door know, helping to combat the rising amount of mail theft that is occurring. This allows you to receive the delivery notification and view the package via a smart phone app, completely removing any questions if the package is then stolen.


Home alarms have one purpose; to make a lot of noise when the house is broken into. With all the other home protection systems available, it is almost the last line of defense for your house.

No matter how you decide to protect your home, there are plenty of options for every budget to equip your property inside out with all you need to keep it safe at all times.