Protecting Wood Floor from Furniture: A Beginner’s Guide

Timber floors are durable and offer you the flexibility to redecorate at will. But all this is also dependent on how well you take care of your floor. How can you go about protecting wood floor from furniture?

The floor covering industry was worth $26.9 billion by the end of 2018. Most Americans have remodeled their floor at least once in the previous 10 years.

In most cases, the level of versatility in wooden floors makes it a favorite among homeowners.

Timber floors are durable and offer you the flexibility to redecorate at will. But all this is also dependent on how well you take care of your floor. How can you go about protecting wood floor from furniture?

If you’re new to hardwood flooring, check out these tips to keep your floor pristine.

1. Use Area Rugs and Mats to Protect Your Floor

Rugs and mats can offer you that extra layer of protection for your wooden floor. The option is the easiest way of protecting wood floor from furniture.

Are you concerned that the constant traffic around the living room will cause floor damages? Don’t flinch. You only need a classy area rug to cover the specific area.
You can set these mats to cover the table’s surface area, which creates a barrier between furniture legs and the floor.
Use Area Rugs and Mats to Protect Your Floor

The good thing about area rugs is that they introduce a touch of class. You’ll have not only protection for your floors but also an added touch of sophistication in your décor.

2. Use Fabric Pads and Glides

If you adore the newness on your wooden floor, a small scratch can drive you nuts. You should consider exercising caution by introducing fabric pads and glides. Furniture moving pads are installed at the base of your furniture.

This option will ensure protection for your wooden floor even when pieces of furniture are dragged over the floor. Before you get a heart attack due to a dent on the floor, you should consider this option.

You ought to consider the selection of pads based on the number of times the furniture moves. But you should also avoid plastic-wheeled pads.

3. Rearranging Your Home Plan May Be a Good Idea

While you may consider varying options of protecting wood floor from furniture, with time, scratches and aging will occur. Certain parts of the hardwood will likely suffer the most depending on the level of traffic. The dining area within your living room may be one such area.

Rearranging your floor plan every so often is a brilliant option for you. Well, moving furniture is not a preferred hobby by most, but it is worth the sweat. Rearranging the floor plan ensures that you can redistribute the stress caused by the furniture over time.

You’ll also notice that floors, where the positioning of furniture remains unchanged for a while, tend to age unevenly. The unevenness is a result of repetitive stress in one area. Your wooden floor will age evenly if you can reduce extra strain on one specific area.

4. Consider Using Furniture Casters When Protecting Wood Floor from Furniture

Investing in hardwood floors has cost implications. This worthwhile initiative must have dented your pocket. But before resting easy, you need to consider incurring a small extra cost on your furniture. Installing casters may cost you an additional expense, but it is worth every dime.

The shine on your pristine hardwood will last longer with an extra layer of hardwood floor protectors. Most casters for hardwood floors are tailor-made to ensure maximum safeguard even when you drag your furniture. But you must choose casters made from soft polyurethane or rubber.
Consider Using Furniture Casters When Protecting Wood Floor from Furniture
Casters rarely slip or skid, which means that your floor is safe. The small wheels distribute the furniture’s weight evenly. This makes it highly unlikely for your floor to experience skid marks or scratches.

5. Consider Furniture With Wheels

Apart from casters, it’s also possible to buy furniture with inbuilt wheels. Rubber wheels are the most common hardwood floor protectors. If you are keen on maintaining that pristine shine on your hardwood floor, you may consider purchasing furniture with wheels.

TV stands, cabinets, and tables are some of the typical mobile furniture in a home setting. You should contemplate buying such wheeled furniture as a precaution. But you must resist the temptation of purchasing steel or metal wheels.

6. Some DIY Options Worth Considering

It’s not always that you’ll have the luxury of spending extra cash on casters and other hardwood protecting options. But this does not mean that you should allow your hardwood floor to age before it’s time. There are several DIY options you may consider as alternatives when this is the case.

Apart from being useful in the grand slams, a tennis ball may also come in handy at home. You can utilize old tennis by cutting it by half and use each piece to cover your sofa legs. With such innovation, you’ll be able to move your furniture with ease and save that pristine shine from imminent destruction.

Old carpets also play a vital role when protecting the wood floor from furniture. You can bring out your creative side by cutting old mats to size then using them as floor protectors. Old carpets can be useful for your dining room chairs and tables.

Towels also come in handy when you need to protect your floor from annoying scratches and dents. Don’t let those old towels remain tucked away in your closet. You can use these old towels to wrap most of your furniture legs and reduce the level of damage on your floor.

These DIY options are often more practical in emergencies or when seeking a quick fix. But if you are looking for a more durable solution, it doesn’t hurt to consider the insights of an expert such as District Floor Depot. District Floor Depot offers a wide range of flooring services including installation and repair.

Maintaining Hardwood Floor’s Pristine Shine Is Not Hard; It Only Requires Closer Attention

Now that you have incurred considerable expenses on your hardwood floor, the next five years should be stress-free with minimum repairs. But not so fast. Protecting wood floor from furniture must be a routine consideration to reduce the risk of premature damages.

By following this guide, preserving that pristine shine on your floor is a guarantee.

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