Patio Vs. Deck: Pros and Cons Of Both

Let this article help you come up with a sound decision.

Having a patio or a deck are two of the most common ways to make the most out of your outdoor space. These upgrades can improve the space and aesthetic value of your home.

But between a raised patio vs. deck, do you know which to choose? Have you decided if you’re going to have a patio or deck in your property?

Let this article help you come up with a sound decision.

Patio: Pros And Cons

Patios are usually made with concrete, gravel, or natural stone. A patio is an outdoor space that’s placed directly on the ground and can be constructed separately or connected to the structure of the house.

Depending on the lifestyle of the homeowners, patios can also include party goodies, such as built-in barbecues, sitting options, and fire pits.
Patio Pros And Cons

You can experience the following pros and cons when you have a patio in your property:


  • Cheaper: Patios are less expensive than decks. Since patios will be installed directly on the ground, you don’t have to buy any materials to elevate the area. Lesser materials used mean lesser costs from your pocket.
  • Easy to maintain: With the number of materials you can use for your patio, maintaining it will become a piece of cake. If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to regularly clean your patio, install one that’s made from stones or pavers. These materials are durable and don’t wear out even when you’re cleaning them only once a week.
  • More privacy: As mentioned, patios are built close to the ground. Because of this, you can customize your landscaping and hire professionals, such as Axel Landscape, in order to enjoy more privacy.


  • More construction: Most patios will require an intensive blueprint before it can be installed. If you’re looking forward to using your outdoor space as soon as possible, a patio might not be the best option because it’ll require time for its installation.
  • Not suitable for uneven yards: Because patios are installed directly on the ground’s surface, you need to make sure that your property has an even surface or smooth terrain. If you’re living in rocky or steep terrain but still want to have a patio, you might need to shell out more money to even out your space.
  • Risk of slipping: When choosing between a patio and a deck, always consider the weather in your area. If you’re located in a colder city or country, keep in mind that ice can form in your patio and this can result in accidents and injuries.

Deck: Pros And Cons

Decks are outdoor spaces that can be built from vinyl or wood. Unlike patios, decks are not placed directly in the ground and will need some support in order to hold up its structure.

Decks are either built in the upper or lower level of a home. Decks are usually built with a railing and can offer the homeowner breathtaking views of their property.
Deck Pros And Cons
Here are some of the pros and cons you can experience once you have a deck in your property:


  • Higher resale value: Most homeowners are undergoing renovation so they can sell their homes at a larger price in the future. If you’re one of them, invest in a deck. Unlike other indoor renovations, a deck has an 87% return on investment.
  • Good for a view: Since a deck is built off the ground, you’ll have access to breathtaking views when you have a deck. Additionally, if your property is situated in a rocky terrain, you can still install a deck.
  • Easy to customize: A deck can be a perfect option if you’re looking to add space that you can customize. You can stain your wooden deck in your desired color, and even make it match the overall aesthetics of your property.


  • Weight restrictions: As mentioned, decks will use a specific structure in order to lift it from the ground. Because of this, you’ll have weight restrictions on the number of people who can use it and the add-ons you can install.
  • Expensive: Depending on the materials used, installing a deck can cost 30 dollars per square foot.
  • Possible permit: Before you can install a deck in your property, permits are required. This can mean more waiting time and more expenses.

Hire The Pros

Once you’ve decided whether to install either a patio or deck, look for professionals who are qualified and experienced to do the job for you. The contractors you’ll end up hiring can make or break how your patio or deck looks and functions.