Jump Into Spring With These Spring Flowers for Your Garden

With spring right around the corner, you are probably gearing up to plant spring flowers to level up your curb appeal. After a long winter, the beauty Mother Nature brings is quite the scene. Of course, like everything else that you plant, planting at the right time will make a difference.

Keep reading to add these spring flowers to your list when you go pick up your garden supplies and plants.



Who doesn’t love daffodils in the springtime? These classic flowers are able to tolerate damp conditions. If you live in a humid area these daffodils are a perfect choice.

Contacting pros like Pacific Lawn Maintenance will help you with setting up your garden and your flowers of choice to look cohesive and beautiful together.


These flowers you can add as borders throughout your garden to give your garden pops of color. If you plant them in large groups they will make a big difference in pops of color. Make sure to plant them with well-drained soil and in super sunny areas.


Calibrachoa flowers look like tiny petunias and they bloom from spring until fall with stopping until winter frost sets in. You can plant these in a hanging basket, use them as a spiller in a mixed container, or use them as a filler.

There are endless options of colors you can choose from. From pink to red to white to green, to gold, to orange. Calibrachoas do great with moist soil and full sun.

Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia
These beautiful flowers are called star magnolias for a reason. They are shaped like stars and are perfect spring flowering trees. You can grow these star magnolias on either acid soil or alkaline soil.

Moss Rose

These make a great ground cover for any garden or even for a rock garden. These are low growing succulents that open with the sun and close at night time. Most of these moss rose flowers come in red, bright pink, white, orange, or yellow.

This is a flower that will need full sun and well-draining soil as well.


These flowers love full sun and plenty of heat. They will brighten up any summer day with their colorful plants.

You will want to keep an eye out for rust and mildew because zinnias attract both of these. Luckily rust and mildew will not stop the flowers from growing but it can spread to other plants nearby.

Which Spring Flowers Will You Plant?

Now that you have our list of the top spring flowers to plant which ones will you plant first? Why not plant one, some, or all of these flowers to enjoy a wide variety of flowers? As you can see you have plenty of options to enjoy beautiful blooms until winter comes again.

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