It’s the Car Locksmith that Can Fix Any Problem!

Wafer Keys

Your car key can get damaged, stolen, lost, or stuck in an ignition hole. In these difficult situations, you cannot drive or may get locked in. To get rid of these troublesome situations, you need a car locksmith. Things tend to get worse when you do not know the reason.

Every car key is not the same; in fact, fobs are not real keys but operate like it. Some fobs have a key. Older models still operate on ignition keys, while most modern vehicles operate on transponder keys. Whatever sorts of keys you use, car locksmith Vancouver can fix the problem in the shortest possible time.

Wafer Keys

This type of key are designed to unlock wafer locks, characterized by furrows on both the top and bottom of the blade. The grooves are deeper with longer wafers; the short ones have shallow furrows. The security of this key is not imposing; there are many tools available to unlock it.

Slider keys

This genus of key slides to unlock the snake-like imprint on the sides of the blade makes it distinguishable. To enhance security make needless gates are supplemented; these are called false gates. The last gate is the original one. Without false gates, thieves can easily force open the lock. Slider keys act as a secondary security measure; most cars would not start without a fob.

Often a slider key is concealed in a fob; when a button is pressed, it exerts. After use, push the button once again to replace it in the slot. If the occasion arises to replace a slider key, the car locksmith uses a laser cutter to slash it.

Key fobs


A key fob is an electronic device that opens car doors remotely. On newer models, the fob is required to start the engine. Almost 62% of cars manufactured have this remote feature. With proximity sensors, the key fob also acts as a security token. The fob emits a signal through infrared, Bluetooth, or near field communication (NFC) to unlock the car, which otherwise would have been secured.

The earlier system used infrared and required a clear line of sight to lock or unlock car doors. But there were glitches in the design, which could be tampered with easily. Contemporary models deploy challenge-response- authentication over radio frequency, which are considered safer. With a key fob, you can lock, unlock car doors, rear tailgate, trunk, and start the engine.

Key fobs are durable yet delicate electronic devices. These modern keys provide exceptional security measures, and their programming requires profound auto locksmith knowledge and modern tools.

Transponder key


In a transponder key, two separate systems are incorporated. The first component is a slider or wafer key, which functions like regular keys. The second component is a microchip inserted into the system. The chip has non-volatile memory; the data would not be wiped out even when power is cut off. When the key is inserted in the ignition cylinder, the car generates a small electronic field that powers the chip.

Since 1995, it is mandatory to have an immobilizer system incorporated in a car. The car starts when it receives the correct signal from the microchip inserted in the transponder key. Expert auto locksmiths can cut and clone keys in few minutes. You must take the car to the workshop, or the mobile team of technicians arrives to gather some vital data from the key aligned with the ignition. But some keys need diagnostic procedure as they cannot be cloned.

Correct programming

If the transponder key is not programmed correctly, it will not function. If key fobs and transponder keys are not correctly programmed, they will malfunction. Many car owners foolishly buy aftermarket car keys from online shops. They can get a replacement key from a dealer or an auto locksmith.

Buying from the grey market may cause more problems than good. The key may not be appropriate for the car, or the programming is faulty. So they may pay twice for the car key, which is not a prudent decision. Take the service of a trained, experienced car locksmith to avoid the pitfall.


If your transponder key is stolen or lost, you need a new one, which is not programmed yet. For a successful key replacement, you need a proper key and chip with the correct program. This can be accomplished effortlessly by a trained, efficient car locksmith Vancouver.