How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Doors

Looking after your home is important, it will help to ensure it retains its value and make the home more comfortable for you. But, it’s important to know the best methods for looking after all your internal doors. After all, who knows when you’ll want to creep around your own home without anyone hearing you?

It also makes financial sense, doors are expensive, maintaining them is a much better option than replacing them.

Clean Often

The simplest step in your maintenance program should be to clean all your internal doors on a regular basis. Moisture, dirt, and grime can attack the finishing on your door and, if you live in a saltwater area, the salt can also attack the fittings, causing them to rust.

Cleaning every few weeks can help to ensure the door stays in good condition.
To clean, simply add a little liquid dish soap to warm water and scrub the door. Ideally, you should use a lint-free cloth. You’ll need to ensure there is no liquid left on the door as this will create staining or discolored areas.


To continue your maintenance plan you should inspect the door on a regular basis, this will help you to identify problems before they become a major issue.

Here are the main things that need to be inspected:

  • Moisture

A moisture meter can be used to assess the level of moisture in your doors; However, you can also look for dark streaks or any areas that have white grain. This suggests moisture in the door.

If you leave this untreated it will result in wet rot which can destroy your door. Treat the rotten wood as soon as possible and eliminate the source of moisture.

  • The Finish

Whether you have a varnished door or a painted one the coating is what protects the door. You’ll need to visually inspect this regularly and ensure it has not been damaged. If it has moisture can get into your door.To prevent this simply refinish the door.

  • The Frame

Don’t forget that the frame is just as important as the door. You’ll need to check the frame for moisture and ensure there are no cracks in it. If cracks appear you’ll have to repair them or even replace the wood.

While you’re looking at the frame it’s important to remember to tighten all the screws and the fixtures in the doors. If they work loose regularly you’ll need to replace the screws with slightly larger ones.


Every door needs to be lubricated regularly to ensure it operates smoothly and quietly. However, you’ll need to choose the right lubricant for your door, specifically the material your door is made from. You can then apply the right lubricant to all the moving parts.

This is also a good time to inspect the opening mechanisms and lubricate them as well. This will ensure your door works efficiently and smoothly for years to come, which can save you a fortune in repairs or even replacement doors.