How To Prepare Your Irrigation System For The Spring Thaw

Winters in some areas can be very harsh, and people give little thought to preparing their irrigation systems for the spring thaw. Bitter snowfall and the accumulation of ice can wreak havoc on a sprinkler and poly pipe irrigation without the proper precautions being taken. Consideration may not be given to the fact that once everything thaws out, it could leave debris that could clog any given irrigation system and cause damage to it.

When preparing a system for springtime use, many people just turn the system on, and expect it to work properly – however, this is not always the case. Like many other systems in a home or business, regular maintenance is necessary. It gives the assurance that there will be no problems once the system is up and running. An irrigation system without proper maintenance can cause additional damage, including the possibility of flooding from clogged valves or heads. Although the water to the system is turned off during the winter, there could still be some left in the pipes that could freeze.

During fraught times like this, calling one’s local sprinkler maintenance experts may be the best course of action. The sprinkler maintenance experts will provide professional help that will ensure that the system functions at maximum capacity; for example, EZ Lawn Sprinklers is a reputable and renowned company that is capable of catering to Irrigation systems are used by both commercial businesses with large properties and smaller residential properties. Indeed, no matter the size of one’s system, seasonal changes are always capable of compromising the capabilities of irrigation.

Before turning the system on for the first time after the winter freeze, let the professional help do a check of all components of the system. The will check all heads and valves for cracks and leaks, as well thoroughly inspect the dimensions of the pipes to see if any may have warped due to the extreme cold. Many irrigation systems are operated from a main control valve of varying types and, as a result, your service technician will likely call for a maintenance check before the water is released. This service is the best reminder that it is time to prepare for spring.

In order to ensure that your plants experience prosperity and are able to bloom via a functioning irrigation system, the maintenance service provider will do a complete, overall check of the system including checking the plants and soil; sometimes the roots of plants can interfere with the water flow of an irrigation system – this is particularly true of low-pressure, drip systems. Even the soil can build up or wear away at your system’s parts, and therefore requires attention. There are many factors involved before you turn the water on for your irrigation system, such that preparation consists of a plan for having all of these vital points taken care of. With these precautions, you can easily welcome and enjoy the warmth of spring knowing that your sprinkler system is in order, thanks to the skilled hands of a service technician.