Foundation Problems are Plenty, But There are Solutions as Well

The strongest point of a building and the house is the foundation. The foundation is the base of the building, and if it’s shaky the building is in danger of collapsing, so the base always has to be strong. Water is a strong component; it can cause a lot of damage if anything is exposed to the water for long. So, when we talk about foundation problem first and foremost the main reason behind that is water. Water is the cause of the foundation problem. Granite Foundation Repair shows us how water can affect our home foundation and damage it:

Causes of foundation problem

Foundation proble,

One reason for the foundation problem is evaporation. The hot weather cause shrinkage to the soil around the foundation and the absence of reinforcement on the side of the foundation causes settling and shifting. Settling, in turn, causes cracks on the foundation.

The suction of water from the different part of the trees is called transpiration. When the water evaporates the roots of a tree begins to suck water from under the house causing shrinkage to the soil and settling to the house.

Improper drainage
Another reason for a foundation problem would be improper drainage. While making a blueprint of a house or a building sometime, the drainage system of the building or house is neglected, and this causes a lot of problems. When moisture constantly is concentrated on a particular spot, this causes erosion or corrosion of the soil and remove it and hence causing the foundation walls to falter and this will cause foundation cracks and since it’s a water problem the leakage in the basement in inevitable. Make sure that you consult with the specialist about this.

Water Leaks
One of the main reasons for the foundation problem is plumbing leaks. Leaks are inevitable, but until it is fixed, it poses a huge problem because it causes foundation problems. There are times when there is a leakage, and you’re unaware of it, and this causes the foundation to shift. Water leakage is troublesome and should get fixed as soon as possible.

Inferior foundation
While planning a building, it is also necessary to plan a strong foundation. If the material used in the construction is compromised, then the whole foundation becomes rocky.

Inferior ground preparation
When the soil has low density, and it solidifies, then it creates a lot of foundation problem. One of the main reasons for foundation settlement is the cut and fill methods which creates a lot of problems.

Soil expansion and contraction
Another reason for the foundation problem is the contraction and expansion of the soil. Clay soil is supposedly the worst kind of soil for construction.


These are prevalent in the eastern coast; these are the storm that could produce flooding, heavy rainfall and hurricanes and these likely to cause foundation cracks.


Another reason for the foundation problem is flooding. Floods or moisture causes a lot of damage to the foundation. When the soil is wet, it expands and pushes against the foundation.

Therefore, it is important to note a different kind of foundation problems. It is necessary to know the problem to find solutions to these foundation problems.

Foundation problems are to be taken seriously and when the building or houses are planned the foundation problem should be addressed as there will be no problem while constructing the buildings. The foundation is very important while building and planning it should be built with precision, and it should have strength. If anything, the foundation is the most important element. If the foundation is rocky, it’s easy for the building to be at risk.

The foundation of a building will always be built to resist any external and internal pressure, but that does not guarantee that there will be no problems. There are numerous problems as we noted earlier, but there are solutions too. The Foundation Recovery Systems is such a solution. It offers the best solution to foundation problems

Foundation problem have a solution too

bitumen waterproofing of the foundation
Like any problem, there is always a solution, and for foundation problems, there are various experts who will help to solve this matter.

The solution would be in:

Finding exactly where the problem lies

Whenever there is a foundation problem finding the problem is the priority. Only when you know the problem hence you can come out with a solution. The problem could be evaporation or transpiration or any other, but the first thing is to verify the problem then solving it would be easier for example if the problem is transpiration then watering the root of the trees is one of the solutions.

Finding the right solution

Another thing that would help in solving the foundation problem would be in finding the correct solution. Like finding the right problem is essentially finding the correct solution is essential too. To find the correct solution, you should know the various kind of solution to your problem. There could be one problem, but there could be several solutions to it.

Finding the right experts to help you

Another key solution to helping you with foundation problem is finding the right experts to help you. There are hundreds if not thousands of experts but getting the correct expert is important. The right experts will be able to determine the right problem and will also come out with the right solution. An expert can vary from one place to another.

Choosing the right expert

Another thing to do while finding a solution is to choose the right expert. There are so many experts but if you have a problem with water leaks for example then getting the help of an expert in water leak is the key answer. Choosing the right expert in the field is essential.


Finally, every problem comes with a solution. So, whenever there is a foundation problem an expert is always there with a solution. There is various kind of foundation problem as we can see, but there are several experts to help in which every problem you’re facing.