Five Savvy Exterior Design Ideas to Renovate Your Home

Read on for five price-savvy ideas to achieve a great-looking house.

People move home for all sorts of reasons but, very often, it can come down to wanting a change of scenery more than any other consideration. However, rather than simply packing up and shipping out, often it just takes a little love and attention to improve our home and make it feel fresh.

Instant curb appeal doesn’t just increase the value of your property, it can also make living in your home more satisfying and enjoyable. Moreover, contrary to what you might think, many straightforward renovations and upgrades can be done on a very modest budget yet have a dramatic effect on the look of your home.

Read on for five price-savvy ideas to achieve a great-looking house.

Build an extension

Building an extension can completely change the look and functionality of your home. Even just a simple conservatory will transform your available living space while also giving a totally different look to the exterior of your home. The most common extensions are generally into the roof space – or to the back of a home (e.g. to add extra kitchen or living space). Doing either can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your house.
Build an extension

When designing an extension to your home, it’s vital to seek planning permission before starting any work. If you’re in any doubt, look around similar homes in your area to see if there’s a precedent for the type of work you’re planning to do. As a rule, if others have already done what you hope to do, it should be relatively easy to get planning permission from your local authorities. Also, check to make sure your home isn’t a listed or protected building as permission will be far harder to achieve.

For the best chances of success with planning permission, try to stick to materials that match or blend with existing structures – including ones that will be sympathetic to neighbouring houses. Planning authorities tend to look far more sympathetically on designs that are in keeping with the other local properties.

Change the roof

Changing the roof of your home is one of the quickest and most economical ways to give your house a completely new look. Even just changing the tiles can make a huge difference.

However, while replacing a roof might be a relatively quick job, it still takes considerable skill and experience, so it’s best to approach a professional for this type of work. Companies like Signature Roofing have vast proficiency in roof design and renovations and can help you choose the materials best suited to your particular home.

Roof replacements are typically done as part of a more significant project – in particular extending a home upwards – but you could also consider it when the roof needs replacing because of normal wear and tear or to improve your home’s efficiency.

The biggest consideration in replacing a roof is usually the type and color of tiles. Go for bold colors to make a statement or stick with duller tones to add a more vintage, refined look.

Whatever you do, play about with ideas to get the best effect. For example, consider adding extra windows or roof-lights as part of the redesign. It’s much easier to make these types of structural changes to a home when the roof is removed.

Replace or paint your front door

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the most impact and even something as easy as replacing your front door can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your home. Even just painting the door a different color can add a little panache to an otherwise tired exterior.
Replace or paint your front door
If you decide to change the door altogether, check online for the latest styles to find design ideas suited to your property type. Many of today’s doors are produced in designs sympathetic to older styles so, even if your home isn’t particularly modern, it should nonetheless be easy to find a design that suits.

Also, consider handles, letterboxes and other decorative features to lift the style and impact of your front door. As with all the other ideas on this list, don’t be afraid to experiment.

A great way to test how well a style or color fits with your home is to use image manipulation software to test visually how things look before committing to work. Online image editors like will help you try out looks and styles without running the risk of wasting money.

Use a new exterior finish: painting, cladding or rendering

If you want an instant way to transform the look of your home, consider changing the materials covering your walls. Altering the exterior of your home can be as simple as painting (you’ll be amazed how much difference this makes) right up to completely changing the cladding or rendering.

Painting a home is clearly the simplest option, but if you want to get really inventive, consider looking at adding rendering or new cladding. In particular, cladding adds a totally different exterior to your home and can offer the most striking upgrade.

Change the windows

It’s surprising just how much difference new windows can make to the look of a property – particularly older homes. If you want a relatively cheap and easy way to upgrade and renovate, adding new windows could be your best option.

Changing the windows of your property has the added benefit it will likely improve heat retention and therefore the efficiency of your home – plus add to its value. Also, window changes don’t usually need planning permission (unless in listed properties), so are relatively easy to do.
Change the windows
You’ll likely notice the most prominent difference changing windows in older-style properties. Remember to choose designs that match the existing style to achieve the best effect. Metal frames tend to work well with older, more traditional homes and add a contemporary feel while complementing the original look.

Renovating and upgrading your home need not be an expensive or time-consuming process. As with most things in life, the key is a bit of planning mixed with a little creativity and personal flair.

Look online for house renovation sites to source more ideas – or even consult with an architect or home renovation company if you plan to get the job done professionally. In many cases, even the smallest of changes can make a massive difference to your home, breathing life back into old designs.