Different Ways to Get Rid of Mice Before They Get Rid of You!

Mice can be cute but when they take up residence in your home and start nesting, they become a problem. The disease they spread and the extensive damage they can do with their teeth is no joke. Fall and winter are the prime time for them to nest but they can be found all year round. Hence, if you see even one mouse in your home, it means there are definitely others around too. It is best to take quick action and get rid of mice fast. Let’s look at some ways to get rid of mice quickly:

Get a Cat:

If you want to naturally get rid of mice, a cat is your best option. A house cat can solve the mice problem for you. If you have the means to have a cat, then go for it! But do keep in mind that not all cats are good mouse hunters. And also, not all mousers are good pets! So choose your cat carefully and after some research.

Professional Service:

The easiest way to get rid of mice is to leave it to the professional mice exterminators. They know all the places mice like to hide and all the best baiting tricks and ways to catch rodents. They can seal up all entry points and set traps to catch the mice. They even do follow-ups to make sure all the mice are removed. Although, it is best to check credentials and experience before hiring professionals.

Using Poison:

Mouse poison is quick and effective but you need to be very careful and attentive when using it. You should know what type of poison you’re using and how to use it. Always place the baits in sealed bait stations and wear gloves when handling the bait. You should know how to clean up after a dead mouse. Keep it out of reach of pets and children. You can read more about using poison here.


Mouse traps are the most effective way to get rid of mice. Place the traps near where the mice are living or where you find their droppings. Another great location is behind the furniture. Change locations in few days and check the traps at least twice daily. If you have caught a mouse remove it from the house quickly. When you don’t see any evidence of mice in a few days, you can say you’ve been successful.

Glue Traps:

Glue traps can also be a useful method to get rid of mice. A glue trap is a small piece of cardboard covered in very sticky glue. When the mice step on it, they get stuck on the glue and trapped. You can then get rid of them however you want. Place the glue traps along baseboards, near furniture or places where they roam the most. Keep a method of disposing the mice ready.

Find How to Catch Mice by Self:

Another way is to learn how to catch the mice by yourself. You can go the traditional way and catch and throw the mice away. You can also go for homemade DIY traps that can be made from simple ingredients. Other methods include using peppermint oil, Tabasco sauce, moth balls, etc. natural remedies for removing mice from your home.

Once you have a house infested with mice, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them quickly. It really is best to start early and realize when it’s time to call in the professionals for help.