Bean Bag Chairs: What They Are and What They Do

Chairs are an essential piece of furniture that appear almost everywhere, from kitchens to classrooms to airports. As so much of daily life is spent in chairs, it is only natural that one would want their main chair to be comfortable. Bean bag chairs are an excellent option for those who need more comfort in their lives or those who simply want to spice up their surroundings. There wide variety of bean bag chairs that can be chosen from mean that there is a bean bag chair for almost any imaginable occasion.

What are the Options?

What are the Options

  • Styles

Bean bag chairs come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of a potential customer. The currently available styles are round, square, gaming, body, and novelty bean bag chairs. Round ones are ball-shaped and the most commonly found. Square bean bag chairs are also fairly popular, and look the closest out of all the styles to a real chair. They are shaped to some degree like a living room recliner. Gaming chairs, as one might assume, cater directly toward gamers and are made to offer the utmost support for the arms, back, and neck. Some are even equipped with built in speakers. Body bean bag chairs are long and can be used either for laying down or for the seating of multiple people. Novelty bean bag styles are primarily intended for children and are basically bean bags in the design of another item, for instance a fox or an orange. Bean bag chairs come in just as many coverings as they do shapes. Covers come in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs and are made of materials ranging from faux fur to suede to even vinyl.

  • Sizes

These chairs are made for comfort, and in order to carry out this mission, bean bag chairs come in a few different sizes. There are kids, teen, adult, and massive sizes with kids being the smallest and massive being the largest. The size names are fairly self-explanatory, which each size designed for a certain demographic, and massive ones being optimal for group gatherings. The specific sizes mean that an adult, for instance, would not have to confine themselves to the limited space of a kid’s sized bean bag, and that child’s bean bag chair would be just the right size to be able to offer them total support.

  • Stuffing

There are also different types of stuffing for bean bag chairs. Foam stuffing provides the most support, is the most commonly found, and is also used in couches and cushions.

Polystyrene beads are another possible option, and in short, they are small beads that shift within a bean bag to provide added comfort. The most luxurious option is expanded polypropylene beads. These beads can return to their original size after being placed under pressure. In other words, bean bag chairs made of this material will not deform after being sat on for extended periods of time.

Why A Bean Bag Chair?

Why A Bean Bag Chair
When thinking of practical chairs, the first to come to mind is generally the typical office chair. However, despite their appearances, bean bag chairs offer just as much in terms of practicality, and they can even have health benefits. Everything that can be done in a run-of-the-mill chair can be done in a bean bag chair. In fact, activities such as typing an essay, eating lunch, or taking a nap can be made more enjoyable when done in a bean bag chair. One might assume bean bag chairs promote laziness or bad posture because of their inherently relaxed nature, which would be wrong. There are many who are more productive when working in a bean bag chair because of their comfortableness, and bean bag chairs promote good posture because they mold themselves to the body and thus offer complete support for the spine. Good posture in turn reduces the risk of headaches as it reduces tension held in the neck and shoulders. As they offer total support, bean bags are sometimes recommended by medical professionals to patients suffering muscle or joint pain, or those who have recently undergone a surgery. Besides being functional pieces of furniture, many bean bag chairs boast creative designs and patterns which can make them a fun option for room decor. Of course, there are also bean bag chairs in more subdued tones for those who would like to maintain an air of professionalism in their work space. Current industry trends reflect this information. The international Bean Bag Chairs market is expected to grow at rate of about 1.4% in the coming five years. A recent report lists the value of the global bean bag chairs market size at USD 3.3 billion. These appear to be in response to the increasing demands for luxury furniture because of an increase in residential and commercial buildings.