Adding the Little Touches to Make a New Place Feel Like Home

Here are a few suggestions for modest changes that can be made before moving in.

When you’re about to move into your new home, it’s important to make most of the changes you’d like to see before the place becomes lived in. Once you’ve moved in fully, it’s harder to reposition furniture and remodel rooms that are in daily use.

Even when you’ve chosen a place partly because it’s got most things you need already in place, there are always a few little touches to apply to make it feel like your home and not someone else’s. Let’s face it – we’re all like that.

Here are a few suggestions for modest changes that can be made before moving in.

Stylish Photo Display with Acrylic Prints

Acquiring antique frames and artwork adds up quickly when decorating a new home. When you want something adorning the living room walls that catches the eye yet doesn’t cost the earth, what’s the best choice?

A couple of acrylic photo printsis one idea. To give you some inspiration and a view of what these look like, these Bumblejax acrylic photo prints are the best rated products on the market and use a frameless canvas with acrylic mounted over a metal backing. With a traditional black and white photograph in a plain frame, light reflects off the glass before it reaches the photo which makes it harder for the human eye to discern the little details. However, an acrylic one that combines metal and a quality light source brings the material to life. The vibrancy is clearly evident. It delivers a clear point of focus and each photo is a conversation piece in its own right.

For that extra touch, acrylic photos can be produced with an edgeless design – like an infinity pool – where the acrylic image rolls over to the diamond polished edge for a seamless, continuous look. When paired with impressive photography, it’s simply stunning.

Floor Rugs

A floor rug creates an extra layer and a different texture underfoot. Whether laying down a sheepskin rug on the bedroom floor to lessen the shock when waking up and walking on a cold wooden floor or a patterned rug in the living room that lends an air of sophistication, it’s all about providing something more in the space.

Whether you wish to feel a different sensation on your feet – tired feet appreciate something softer to rest on – or you’d enjoy a varied overall aesthetic, choosing some rugs to lay over the flooring is quick to do. It’s a lot easier than replacing the entire floor to achieve a similar result.

Blended Lighting Sources

The level of illumination in each room is known to affect mood. We know that when lights are low, our mood tends to be as well. This is why it’s an excellent idea before moving into a new house or apartment to change the lighting system throughout the property.

What works especially well in the living room is to have multiple light sources. This provides areas of greater and lesser illumination to avoid having a single point of light, which dims considerably when reaching the corners of the room. By using multiple, subtler light sources, areas that require less brilliance can either use less powerful lightbulbs or be controllable using a dimmer control switch.
Using smart bulbs that can are adjusted via a smartphone app is a popular technology upgrade to make too. This way, adjusting the illumination without leaving the sofa is convenient and virtually effortless.

Using light bulbs with different colors also allows for changing hue to reflect your mood. Colors other than white are better in the evening, so selecting colored light bulbs that are better for your tired eyes in the evening is a good choice too.

Home Voice Automation

Home voice automation using one of the services from Amazon, Apple, Google or Samsung – to name a few – is the latest thing in home optimization. When you don’t have your phone immediately to hand, you can just ask Amazon’s Alexa or your Google Home device what time it is or when a certain museum opens in the morning, or any number of other queries you can dream up.

The best way to adopt voice automation is to link up to what you already own. So, if you’re an Apple aficionado, then the Apple HomePod is going to be useful to ask about tasks in your To Do list, check on an appointment in your diary or play some music you have stored with the iCloud. Similarly, the same kind of integration between apps, data, and queries is possible with Google’s system. Less is true with Samsung and other third-party devices, but they can still link up with information stored on your phone or perform a Google search to find out the right information.

Don’t be afraid to change your home to the way you want it. This is what makes the place feel like it’s yours and not just a rental property. Take the time to do it right.