7 Ways You Can Follow to Keep Your House Spick and Span

Pretty much everyone wants to have a clean house. This is not only important to keep up a positive mood in the house, but will ensure that no one gets sick from the dirt and bacteria hanging around. If you’re wondering just how you can keep your house spick and span, then get ready to put in some elbow grease! Unless you’re going to hire someone to do it for you, then you’ve got to do this cleaning yourself. Keep reading down below where we’ll give you the tips you need to know to keep your house sparkling clean.

Always Do Routine Cleaning

Always Do Routine Cleaning

One of the absolute best tips we have for you when it comes to cleaning your house is to have a routine that you follow. There’s no reason that you have to spend an entire cleaning your whole house. You can easily split up the week into parts of the house that you should clean. This is going to ease the frustration and stress you might feel on a weekend when you have to spend it cleaning your entire house.

Try to Make Use of Fans

If there are parts of your house that experience more moisture than others, then this is a problem that you should definitely fix. When you have moisture problems, this means that bacteria and mold have the perfect place to fester and grow. You can solve this moisture problem by having fans in these rooms to blow it all away. You could also buy a de-humidifier to keep in these rooms to ensure they are safe and healthy to be in.

Wash Your Bedding Regularly

You never want to leave your bedding without a good wash for too long. Your bed sheets, pillow cases, and comforters are the perfect places for bacteria and dust mites to accumulate. This is no good for your health, as you spend so much time in contact with your bedding. Give them a regular wash every week to ensure you are sleeping in a healthy environment.

Shake Out the Curtain on Your Shower

Every so often, shake out your shower curtain to get rid of the extra moisture that may be clinging to it. You never want moisture to build up on the curtain, as this is the perfect place for mold and bacteria to fester. And that is the reason why Home Spa Select recommend a sliding door for the shower area. However, if you use curtains, you should aim to wash them regularly to get off any extra bacteria that may still be there.

Remember to Clean the Curtains and Your Ceiling Fans

These are two areas of your house that germs manifest the most, simply because most people don’t put in the effort to clean them. When it comes to your curtains and drapes, ensure that you vacuum and dust them off regularly as you go around the house. And as for the ceiling fans, simply dust them off before you begin using that carpet steamer on the floor.

Put Down That Toilet Seat

Every time before you flush your toilet, put down the toilet seat, which will ensure that bacteria and other nasty germs don’t land on other surfaces in the bathroom. The toilet is one of the places where most germs reside, so make sure to clean it at least once a week to get rid of that bacteria. By doing this, you’ll be taking an important step to keeping your house safe and healthy.

Make Sure to Separate the Cutting Boards

Make Sure to Separate the Cutting Boards
Whenever you’re doing some cooking, make sure that you separate the cutting boards for what they’re used for. Cutting raw meats on the same cutting boards as vegetables and fruits can put you at risk for salmonella and other dangerous conditions. Always wash off the cutting boards thoroughly after use to get rid of all that bacteria from the raw meats.

And there you have it! Always follow these tips if you want a house that’s super clean and super healthy to live in. Cleanliness shouldn’t be an option in your house – it should be mandatory!