7 Ways to Increase Performance of Your Air Conditioner

Luckily, if you can be proactive with maintaining your own air conditioner, you can save money and energy for a long-term result. Below we have listed down some of the ways you can utilize to improve the functionality of your AC, enhance your comfort and put a leash on your excessive utility bills.

We are pretty sure you have noticed it as well but the heat is getting way out of hand. The temperature is getting higher than its average count and people refuse to live in a home where there is no air conditioning.

However, alongside the heat, the electricity bills are also sky-rocketing more than ever. In fact, according to the report by the Department of Energy, cooling and heating bills take up over half of your utility expenses.

Luckily, if you can be proactive with maintaining your own air conditioner, you can save money and energy for a long-term result. Below we have listed down some of the ways you can utilize to improve the functionality of your AC, enhance your comfort and put a leash on your excessive utility bills.

Clean Outdoor Condense Unit

The outdoor condenser unit of your AC will work the most effectively when it has been checked and cleaned.

Overtime, debris such as twigs, dirt, leaves and more trash gets accumulated in the condense unit. When it reaches a point where it is too much, eventually it starts harming the efficient working of the condense unit. That is why a regular maintenance check- at least twice a year-on the unit should become a practice.
Clean Outdoor Condense Unit

You can order an HVAC service to have a professional take a thorough inspection of your condenser unit. However, if you want to avoid the extra expense, the process of cleaning the unit is easy and even you can do it on your own within a couple of minutes.

Insulate Unit Ducts

If you have an exposed ductwork that is running through an unconditioned space that means it can become prone to leakage easily.

These ducts usually run through attics which is why you must make sure to insulate these exposed ductwork so that your conditioned air is not leaked out from there. You should make sure you have the ideal insulating material that can cover up the leaks as effectively as possible.

For visual leaks, you can fix it with the right type of duct tape that is called the UL 181. Although it is recommended that you have it checked by a professional the next time they come around for maintenance check.

Use Shades

Making strategic use of shades can improve the performance of your AC and even save tons of energy at the same time.

In order to make the most of it, make sure that your unit is shaded by either a cover that is installed to block out the sunlight or through natural means such as overhead trees. Just be sure that there is no unnecessary burden on the unit otherwise it will hinder with its air flow.

If you have pet animals, make sure you have a barrier around the unit, especially if you have a dog. The reason being is that the dog’s urine is highly acidic and it can corrode away your air conditioner if it comes into contact with it.

Change Air Conditioner Filter

Looking out for dirty filters is a must if you want your air conditioner to fully function properly. If these filters aren’t kept on a constant check, then dirt and grim gradually increases inside of the filter.
Air Conditioner Filter
As a result of the accumulated debris, it slows down your unit, reduces the air flow and ruins the quality of your indoor air. Furthermore, if the air flow is reduced too much, it can freeze your air conditioning coil, which is most likely to damage your compressor.

The more burden it has to work harder, the shorter its life span will become. You need to clean your AC filters at least once a month. But if they don’t work properly even after cleaning, that means you would need to replace your air filters for furnace and ACs so that it is good as new again.

Vacuum the Vents

A lot of people try to hide unattractive vents by covering them up-but that ends up destroying the productivity of your air conditioner.

There are even some rumors about how if you close off vents in little unused rooms, it will help you in saving more on your heating and electricity bill. However, this is nothing more than a rumor. If anything, doing that would only increase your electrical bills more than how much you actually use it.

If these vents are continuously kept closed off, it can breakdown the unit or even force leaks into the ductwork. Keep your vents clean and unblocked so that the air flow is not compromised and that there is no pressure on your system. Also, make sure to keep items like your furniture, blinds and toys away from blocking the vents.

The Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can manage to automatically change the temperature anytime of the day when you aren’t at home.

But if you own a manual one, it’s better if you increase your thermostat a couple of degrees more as adjusting the temperature 5-8 degrees- lower in winter, higher in summer- can help you save a lot of money and energy in the process.

Furthermore, keep any heat producing appliances away from your thermostat. If the thermostat detects the heat coming from a nearby working appliance that gives out heat, it will start working longer and harder because it has been told your home needs more cooling.

Clear Out Your Drainpipe

Clear Out Your Drainpipe
There is usually a drain inside the cooling coil that is typically found in the basement. When your drain becomes blocked, it can leak water into your basement without stopping at all.

Cleaning your drainpipe or drain-line, so it remains unblocked, is vital. All you need to do is pour down chlorine exactly of one cup down the drain of your air conditioner and then wash it down with water of about a gallon. This will ensure that your drain is kept clean and open throughout the months.

If after a while it starts leaking again, you will know the issue and can now resolve it in a matter of minutes.