7 Reasons You Need a Professional Art Installation Team

Turning to a professional art installation team is the smartest way to ensure that your beloved art is installed safely and securely. They have the tools and know-how to tackle even the most complicated installation jobs. Their assistance will prove invaluable for a whole host of reasons.

It’s an amazing feeling! You’ve finally found the perfect piece of art for your space. So now what?

Installing artwork is a complicated process. It requires training, expertise, and experience. Without proper fine art installation, your artwork may get damaged and destroyed.

Turning to a professional art installation team is the smartest way to ensure that your beloved art is installed safely and securely. They have the tools and know-how to tackle even the most complicated installation jobs. Their assistance will prove invaluable for a whole host of reasons.

1. Provide Quality Framing Services

You’ve likely invested a lot of time and money in selecting your are work so preserving it is important. The first step of properly installing your art is framing it if necessary. A good frame is essential for providing protection and keeping your artwork in great condition.

Your professional art installation service can help you select the perfect frame for your piece. Whether you’re looking for a sleek metal frame or a more traditional wood look, they can guide you in picking the best one to compliment your art. They can also make sure the material of the frame is high quality and it’s built to last.

Your team will make sure your artwork is protected behind the appropriate surface. This will provide a barrier against dust and grime. Whether you choose glass or plexiglass, it should be treated to guard your artwork against damaging UV rays, especially if it’s being installed in a sunny spot.

2. Safely Install Oversized Artwork

The oversized painting can make a big statement. A large framed piece can look stunning over a fireplace. The challenge is installing it safely without damaging the piece.

Your professional installation team has strategies to install your oversized works of art safely. They know how to hang these pieces without risking damaging or dropping them. They also have the expertise to ensure they are hung securely.

It can be dangerous to try to hang a large piece on your own. This is especially true for extremely heavy framed works. Your installation team is trained to handle these jobs without risk of incident or injury.

Often, these oversized pieces are so enormous that they can’t fit through a standard door. Leave it to your team to bring the piece into your home unassembled. Once inside, the piece can be framed and expertly hung without damaging it or any of your doorways.

3. Hang Artwork at Higher Heights

Decorating a room with lofty ceilings can be a tough feat. Trying to fill an expanse of blank two-story walls requires creative placement of artwork. However, hanging these pieces at these heights can be tricky.

Your installation team will have the tools to get the job done safely. They can help you decide the right height at which to hand your artwork. Then, they will use a ladder or scaffolding to securely hang your piece.

Open, industrial ceilings are the perfect opportunity to hang overhead sculptures for a big impact. However, this can be impossible to do on your own. Let your installation team handle it and enjoy the look of your new artwork safely hovering overhead.

4. Install on Challenging Surfaces


Do you have walls that aren’t standard drywall? Installing artwork on a variety of surfaces is a valuable skill that professional art installers posses. No matter the material of your walls, they can make sure your art is installed securely.

Brick and concrete can make stunning backdrops for your mixed media pieces. Sleek marble and tile can provide a perfect contrast to a unique painting. However, drilling into these materials can be nearly impossible without experience and the correct tools.

Your installation team will have the know-how to securely attach your artwork to these surfaces. They will bring the correct tools to properly install on your selected surface. Also, they know the correct methods to hang on these surfaces without cracking or damaging them.

5. Use the Correct Hanging Tools

Installing artwork is somewhat of a science. The diverse options of hanging equipment can make it confusing to choose which one to use. Your installation team knows and has the best tools and materials for hanging your artwork.

The size of your piece impacts the method in which it’s hung. The material its being installed on is another factor. Your installation team will take this into account and devise the best plan to hang your unique piece of artwork securely to your wall.

6. Securely Install Unconventional Pieces

Did you just find a great new sculpture that you want to keep safe from little hands? Have you purchased a tapestry that may be tempting to the family cat? Your professional art installation team can help you find a solution to keep your artwork safe and secure.

Sometimes, your artwork is safest displayed on the wall. A professional art installer knows how to install more than just paintings. They are aware of the correct methods of securing everything from heavy 3D artworks and ornate, delicate fabric pieces.

7. Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can look great on a large empty space. It can be an awesome way to display smaller works of art for a big impact. However, it’s tough to get the layout just right. Your installation team can save you some unwanted nail holes and guide you in creating the perfect gallery wall.

Your gallery wall can be a collection of similar artwork that’s expertly installed. You can also combine different types of artwork for a unique look. Your team can help you with the challenging layout. They will also be able to securely hang all of the different types of art that you select for your wall.



Shopping for and buying artwork is a fun process. Make the last step of installation just as enjoyable. Employ a professional art installation team to make sure your artwork is getting the best care and treatment.

Your artwork will be expertly installed and protected from damage. Framing, hanging oversized pieces, and installing at high heights can all be tackled by your installation team. A quality installation will allow your artwork the perfect opportunity to shine.